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TTW: Highly Upgraded Sun Project M4

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Title says it all, I'm testing the waters on my Upgraded Sun Project M4. It doesnt see as much use as I had expected since I got my Asahi. So I'm seeing if there is any intrest.

Gun shoots very well and is insanely solid.





Sights, some Magpul parts, and QD not included



Custom Flat-top

TROY 9in rail (real one, not a replica)

AEG spec'd buffer tube with 5 stock positions (I believe its 5)

Foam filled suppressor with H&K 9mm trademarks



Steel buffer screw

3rd oring mod in valve

Adjustable hop-up

Work was done by airsoftshak


I'm looking for $750 Shipped Gun will not come with the MOE stock, XTMs, or AFG. It will come with the Magpul MIAD, the 2 P-mags, 3 G&P mids and 2 MAG mids. If you want all the Magpul parts you can throw me an offer, but I would prefer to keep them.

I am always open to offers, so don't hesitate to ask questions or throw offers my way, however I will not part out


I am always intrested in trades:

(Preferably upgraded with an LRB or the like)

JAC ARs (Must be DX/Limited)

Upgraded JACs

Asahi ARs

Asahis in general

Sheriff guns

Nice classics in general

Some GBBRs


Not looking for Escort MP5s, I've already got one, and not looking for upgraded GBB pistols. I am not intrested in AEGs either unless its somthing unique, say a RS SVD, upgraded TM PSG1, or somthing along those unique lines.


Thanks for looking!


... There Kav, I posted it haha

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