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scenario: a tribute to survival horror

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being a huge fan of the popular video game resident evil I came up with an idea for a scenario game let me know what you think.



the game can take anywhere from 3-6 hrs to complete. it consists of the members of the famous S.T.A.R.S. unit battling zombies. you will need a big to serve as the mansion and the surrounding area. about 40 % of the field should count as the mansion while the rest is the research center.


bravo team goes in first(20 mins) before alpha team. unlike the game bravo team will not be dead when alpha arrives(hopefully).


the two teams will have to work together or separately to complete there goal which is to first find the key( to leave the mansion then travel to the research center and search until you find your main objective(the cure to the t-virus) before an air strike destroys the area then make your way back to the house to the area designated as the comm room were they will call for an air evacuation. after that they will have to defend the area for 10 minutes until the evac arrives. at which point they run back outside to the evac site.




to make it fair 1 shot equals1 kill no matter where it hits(unless noted). in homage to resident evil games each player will start with one handgun(unless noted) with only 30 rds of ammo.survivors can take up to 5 bites before death and then reanimation(which occurs 30 seconds after death at which point you drop your weapons and become a zombie).bags of bbs should be scattered out around the map for the players can get more ammo. also not that more guns should be placed around so your not stuck with the same old gun with only one magazine. however ammo must be used wisely as you will not have enough to shot everything all the time.


next there should be areas called safe rooms where zombies cannot go which can give you time to rest and reload. you can stay in them as long as you like but it wastes time. also characters should be chosen randomly. both teams can coordinate tactics thru radio contact also certain things should be classified as first aid spray(an old paint can would be good) for healing.


survivors must exhibit signs of being hurt. 1-3 bites you walk and run normally 4-5 you walk slower and with a slump. 6 and above you walk with a limp and you can not run and barely walk.(hopefully there will be enough refs to follow the team and keep up with bites) zombie characters are not armed with guns and can only bite the survivors. also the zombies respawn 45 seconds after death. also each game is to have a defector who is to eliminate both teams to stop them from completing there goal. they must wait for the right time to attack(preferably 1 at a time) the defector can ask "barry burton" for help and they cannot refuse. unless the defector is "barry burton. also throughout the scenario there will be areas you cannot enter without a key some areas can be "lock-picked'





1. normal zombie(zombie allowed to run not able to take cover or use weapons) 1 shot to kill

2.dr. salvador(zombie allowed to run not able to take cover the chainsaw wielder instantly kills a character he attacks required to use a chainsaw so they stand out 3 shots to kill) you can buy a toy one for $10 at wal-mart

3.nemesis(zombie allowed to run only zombie allowed to use a gun 5 shots to stop him for 45 seconds)

4.hunter(zombie allowed to run 4 shots to kill)

(I know fellow fans that zombies in resident evil cant run except for the ones in resident evil 4 and 5 but I figured it would make it more challenging)



1.enrico marini(team leader) starts of with a shotgun or assault rifle(coin flip or something like that decides what weapon each team leader gets. one gets a shotgun and one gets a assault rifle (note: the shotgun should have 60 rds the multi-shots are good as one shot from these will take out the dr. salvador the hunter and the nemesis character in one shot. and the assault rifle should have 100rds

2.forest speyer(marksman) uses a bolt action rifle armed with 30 rounds

3.kenneth sullivan(pointman) starts with a handgun armed with 30 rounds

4.edward dewey(pilot marksman) starts with a handgun armed with 30 rounds

5.rebecca chambers(medic)only character that starts out with 2 first aid sprays starts with a handgun

6.richard aiken(comm expert) starts with a handgun and radio.

(note:if both teams comm experts die the teams cannot communicate except when they pass each other by.)




1.albert wesker(team captain) starts with a shotgun or assault rifle

2.brad vickers(pilot) starts with a handgun

3.joseph frost(mechanic, comm expert) starts of with a sniper rifle

4.barry burton(weapons specialist) starts with a handgun and a revolver

5.chris redfield(marksman) starts with a handgun

6.jill valentine(B&E specialist) starts with a handgun and can open some doors that can be "lock picked"

(I know the revolver for burton may seem pointless but in the game it is his trademark gun in the series and can serve as a backup if you can reload quick enough.)


finally characters can carry as many magazines as they want but most find the ammo for them in the field.



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Some capitalization would be nice; the article was hard to understand. The only thing that might be a hangup is the need for lots of refs to constantly be watching and counting all the bites. I like this idea, but if someone tried to bite me, I would probably hit them with my gun so hard it would snap in half.

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