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Quansheng TG-K4AT Radio

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Full guide and review here:




Function list here:




I received this as a gift from a friend getting me started in comms; unfortunately I would like to keep this radio, but I am now looking for something that allows for two-frequency receiving/transmission.


This is a Quansheng TG-K4AT - a not-well-heard brand of radios, but this has definitely been the best radio I've ever used on top of the plethora of Motorolas and Cobras I've used in the past. Best part is frequencies are fully programmable - read the review if you don't believe me - so you can tune this radio to anything on the UHF Spectrum (I believe this one tunes around 430-470MHZ). Right now the radio's preset channels are all set to US-spec UHF frequencies, so each preset frequency corresponds with preset frequencies found on store-bought radios.


Pin set is Kenwood - mine worked wonderfully with a Cavalry Swimmer headset. Radio is backlit for 5 seconds after press - also has squelch, output, lock functions, and much more.


Included are:



One battery w/ belt clip (I have another battery but I can't find it anymore)

Charger (rated at 220V unfortunately, so you'll need a transformer to run the charger)


Asking $50 shipped, which I feel is reasonable for a radio with such high capabilities.


Paypal accepted only, PM me for inquiries - I usually do not read replies OR PM people myself. If you want the item, show some effort on your end. Thanks for looking.

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a few questions, I read the link to the ebay review and it has a diagram at the bottom showing the 2-pin motorola type ptt accessory connector. Does this radio really have that? If I bought this from you, that would be the one function I would need to have. Also, you mentioned 220V... Are you including a transformer? How do you charge it? Also, is this a radio that requires you to get an FCC license?

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It does not use a 2-pin Motorola connector, it uses a 2-pin Kenwood connector.


Sorry, no transformer. I have one, but I need it for other uses. If you TRULY wanted it, you'd have to tack on another $20 (that's how much I paid for it, plus it's pretty heavy).


Charging is through the charger base provided.


And no, I do not believe this requires an FCC license to use.

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