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FS: Battle Belt, Scope, Parts & a lot of stuff

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Well, it's time for me to clear out stuff I don't use again. A lot of this stuff are things I got in trades or bought to try out, but other people would probably use it more than I would.


I will describe the condition of the item as I see it, and price accordingly. Please do not ask for a discount on single small items unless you are buying multiple items, but I am open to offers otherwise.


Shipping is NOT included


All of these pictures are mine. I've been playing around with PS though! :D











OK, here are the items:


OD Battle Belt

  • Condition: Like New
  • This is a size large (42" long). Got it in a package but it won't fit me.
  • If you have a H-harness, would make a GREAT high-speed low-drag setup
  • Will sell it with all the pouches for $60.
  • Pouches include: 2 2x m4 magazine pouch, single m4 magazine pouch, 2 small pouches, 1 medium utility pouch, 1 flashlight pouch.


Woodland Shoulder Holster

  • Condition: Like New
  • Simple shoulder slung holster
  • Includes a magazine pouch on the holster, and a sling mounted bag (will fit 2 pistol magazines)
  • Got it as part of a package, but I don't think I'll be using this.
  • Does not include pistol
  • Priced at $20


Leapers 4x20 Combat Style M15 Scope

  • Condition: Good
  • Very good condition, will take batteries for red/green illumination
  • Comes with Rail Mount, or mounts on carry handle
  • Some light scratches
  • Selling because powered optics are not my thing
  • Priced at $25


Magpul PTS MOE Handguard

  • Condition: Like New
  • Simple MOE Handguard for Delta Ring
  • Got it in a package, not my thing.
  • Priced at $20


Walther Gripod

  • Condition: Very good
  • Very solid fiber, strong spring
  • Priced at $15


G&P Tango Down Mini Grip

  • Condition: Like New
  • Miniature grip, great for thumb-break
  • Priced at $10


Clone AFG x2

  • Condition: Poor
  • Got it from China, needs to be sanded down to fit on a rail, but will do the job otherwise.
  • Priced at $8 each


OD Utility Pouch

  • Condition: Very Good
  • Priced at $10
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Shoulder holster is off the market.


AFGs, stubby vertical grip SOLD.


Got an offer on the battle belt, but haven't heard back yet.


Everything else is still up for grabs.

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