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Gemtech Blackside suppressor problem

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Ok, so I just got my Madbull Gemtech Blackside mock suppressor from AirsoftGI and it is bada$$... except for one thing. The threads seem just a hair too tight and it won't fit on my barrel. The gun is a G&G FS-51, I removed the stock flash hider as you can see in the pictures, and tried to thread on the silencer, but its a no-go. I even clamped the little barrel segment that has the 14mm CCW threads on it in my vice and tried to muscle on the suppressor. I got maybe 1/2 rotation on but decided to stop for fear of damaging the threads on either the silencer or the outer barrel. Has anybody else had any problem with Gemtech suppressors? I could re-tap the threads of the suppressor, but finding a 14mm CCW tap may be problematic. Any ideas anybody?


A few pictures to get you interested:






thanks for reading airsoftforum!

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