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increasing spring tension

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ok I have the A&K SVD which uses AEG springs... on the end of the spring guide(the end closest to the stock) there is a sort of "washer" only like 14mm long and it keeps my piston(when cocked) streight on the sears. nowww, what if I added another spring behind the "washer" type device of lesser strength then my m150 spring to shorten my main spring. and it would set the "washer" farther up the spring guide keeping my piston streighter for a longer period of time. This is a little invention ill call a "tensor spring". said tensor spring also shortens my main spring by say 10mms. is this bad for my gun? lets assume my sears are ok and my piston can definitly handle it as well as my cylinder...


is this bad for my m150 spring? I know I should just buy an m170 but this way my "washer" or you could even call it a piston guide stay on the piston longer creating streighter path of entry into the cylinder. And this costs 12minutes of time steada 20$ for a good spring :P.


Any opinions? keep in mind my main concern is increasing fps and guidance of the piston... my worry is that I will damage my m150 spring as it is almost completly compressed with this set up.

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