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**Odds and ends sale**

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I need funds for my current projects so heres what I have sell.


Pictures are here




1)Diamound 6-24x40 illuminated scope $40


2)NEW M4 hand guard set $10


3)Smart charger $25


4)Dboys SCAR hop up unit (needs a nub) $7


5)AIM M4 hicap $7


6)JG V.2 reinforced gb shell SOLD


7)random cybergun M1911 springer mag $2


8)CYMA M1911 springer with cheap but working LAM unit $5


9)CYMA M1911A1 springer with 50+ round mag $5


10)NEW OD green vert grip $10


11)Plastic M4 lower $5


12)M4 dust cover $5


13)M4 charging handle $5


14)ARMY 1 piece M4 hopup $7


15)JG/E1 2 piece hopups $7 each


16)Brass barrels (three 363mm and one 509mm) $5 each


17)M4 front sling mount $5


18)M4 selector plate $2


19)NEW wall charger $2


20)Silver ipod shuffle 3ed gen. 4gb comes with USB plug $20

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