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M130 Spring Vs. M120?

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I have a TM M4-A1. I am in the process of upgrading it. I have bought an M130 spring for it. But, almost everyone I know bought M120 springs for their AEG's.


What is the difference between M100's, M120's, M130's etc.? Is it the power/ velocity? Is one more suitable for a certain gun? Thans for the help and info.

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I think these are right, if im wrong correct me please:


M100 spring:300-340 FPS

M110 spring:340-380 FPS

M120 spring:380-410 FPS

M130 spring:410-440 FPS

M140 spring:440-480 FPS

M150 spring:480-520 FPS

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well, if it is an Mx spring, then theoretically


an M100 spring should shoot 100 meters per second

m110 110 m/s

m120 120 m/s

etc. etc.


However, many people claim that they are inaccurately rated.


Also if you are doing a velocity upgrade, don't just slap a spring in there- a spring that is too powerful will chew your gears- not good. Upgrade the gears first, unless you have a CA and you are sure it has the steel gears, which I am pretty sure of, but some people say that CA lies.


And know that a more powerful spring = less RPM. if you are a long range guy, it's not that big a deal, but for CQB or close range, might not be so great an idea. There may be a reason your friends all chose m120. . .

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