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Is the WE G39 any good?

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Ha. I was looking for one of these as well, but then I bit the bullet and went ahead and bought the WE G39 (v or e, different sites have differing tags; the biggest one WE makes.) which is the one I belive your talking about


Granted ive only had it for a week, so reliability is not review-able at this point, but heres my impressions so far





Polymer handgaurd is professional. extremely well done.

Bipod (exclusive to the G39) is extremely high quality, it free floats once in full extension, giving some wiggle room in aiming

Recoil is more than my .22 rifle

No creaks/play in the gun anywhere, folding stock works very well


Take down is simple, just like the 36c vids will show you

Trigger mech is a WE m4/Scar style, so most RA-Tech upgrade parts are compatible

havent yet taken apart the hopup mech, I belive it runs vsr-10 style hop up,giving a wide range of potential hopup qualities (could be very wrong on this point, will find out when I get around to it)


Gas fill has a very nice valve, no sprayback of propane





Charging handle seems very weak. I expect it to break at some point.

part of the bolt slide (internnally) is a metal on plastic/polymer setup, so make sure to break it down and keep it oiled

Mag does not have separate expansion chambers for Gas (havent found it to make a big difference though)

Gun is much easier to take apart than it is to put back together

Rubber Buttstock comes of very easily, I would glue yours down before fielding it, (I lost mine, only to be lucky enough to have a teammate find it in the woods)

Hop up is difficult to get to, slide must be pulled back, and the wheel is viable through the charging handle opening (drops bb out of chamber or double feeds as well, I recommend that you take the mag out before each adjustment,) small flat head screwdriver comes in handy for fine adjustment.

Gun can jam, but I have only run into it while adjusting the hop up.

Loading the Mags is terrible, the little loader they give you is the only thing I can get to work and even it is difficult. (and only 15 bbs at a time.)

another reason to build a highcap is to avoid loading lol.


Performance: have not gotten an accurate Chrono, but 380-400 fps is where id estimate it lands (60 to 70 degree weather)

Range is 180-200 feet with a decent grouping(goldenball .3s) consistency drops as the mag runs low, slow semi auto shots are nearly identical, Full auto causes pretty signifigant fps changes, as well as the recoil can affect your aim significantly.

Gun is LOUD, I had a guy call it "deafening" at the 1st skirmish I took it to.



Mods atm:

Current: Tapped mag, palmers rig, Hpa setup,

Future: custom highcap;

Psi changes seems to affect ROF much more than it affects FPS;

ROF can be pushed as high as about 28-30 (determined by audacity lol)

and the gun is even more frighteningly loud on HPA full auto




Mags are expensive (40 bucks + ship), so unless your really devoted to milsim applications, it will be cheaper and much easier in the long run to buy a Regulator, CO2 or HPA tank, and build a custom high cap. (rig costs less than 3 extra mags, gives you 350 shots compared to 120). and allows you to be immune cold weather troubles that most gas guns face. Also consistency is understandably increased, bringing the groupings tighter.

gas consumption on co2 is low, I got 1000+ shots on a 12 ounce paintball tank.


might be selling the high caps in the future, when I have perfected it


Verdict: Solid gun, great build, potential for DMR, assault rifle, or SAW status (attempting to mock up a C-mag to the Gas mag, will post pics if completed)

Size of gun does not really bother me, (6'1")

Great for Realmil/milsim applications; correct mag size, recoil, etc



hell of a gun so far. would buy again.





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