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recommend a pistol for practicing bullseye rapid fire

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hey all, first post. I'm totally new to airsoft, so I figured this would be the place to come to get a recommendation for a pistol.


I am training to shoot bullseye and I would like to supplement my regular shooting with airsoft. I use a target-style 22 for shooting. I haven't seen anything like that in the airsoft world, something with one-hand ergo grips with a palm shelf. That would be the ideal gun, but what's really important to me is having a 5-shot capacity and the ability to fire semi-auto and a good trigger (hopefully around 2.5-3lbs, single stage) and finally, accurate. I will of course be shooting at a reduced distance at reduced targets.


So I'd like something that can punch nice holes in the paper at 10 feet or so in tight groups. I don't need to be able to fire at the speeds you see in IPSC, just 5 shots in 5 seconds. I don't need to simulate .45 caliber recoil, but I would like some recoil and slide motion.


Any one have a recommendation for me? I would like to stay under $200.

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I don't believe I have seen any semi-autos that have the style of grip you want. However, many airsoft guns work with real grips, so you could get a 1911 and this for example:



This place has many pistol reviews, with a good number describing the trigger pull in some way.



Tokyo Marui Hi-Capas and 1911s are the pistols most often used in airsoft IPSC type shooting, because of their accuracy and tons of parts available for them. When you throw in the cost of the grip it puts them outside your price range, so I'm thinking a KJW would probably be the best choice for you. The metal slide would also bring the recoil closer to what you want.


Normally we don't like people just asking which gun they should get without doing research and coming up with a few models, but I figure something like this would be hard for a newbie to come up with on their own.

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Sorry I did try to do as much research as I could. I know that the vast majority of the higher-end pistols are the 1911-style and that would work for me, I just didn't know if there was anything else out there. I will look at the 1911 style from the brands you suggested. Any preference as to which gun will be the most accurate?



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There's the KJW Mk1, but it's non-blowback and isn't terribly accurate, despite being modelled on a Ruger.



Besides the Tokyo Marui, and KJW, you could of course look at the KWAs, both the regular pistols and the PTP models.



A Marui 1911 MEU with metal slide would probably be best, but it's going to be over $200 (especially with shipping).

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