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Major9's End-all "which-gun-questions" thread

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lol also, ICS's sportline version sucks externally. I was at a game today, and my friend who was using my ICS m4 sportline broke the stock off at where the pin that connects the lower and upper together. which I guess isnt THAT bad since now I have a awesome and rediculously light sidearm for when I snipe, a great cqb gun, and the fact that he gave me like 100 dollars since he broke it.

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I think thats the intention dxfan212. Funny how there are a few of those clear rips on KWA in there. I also don't see any shots at other high end manufacturers. No "I'm talking to you Deepfire" or "how most G&P users wish their guns was" comments. So much for unbiased. I just chalk it up to antagonistic/provocative at this point, and try to ignore it.


agreed. alot of this is good info but there's alot of bias involved. especially towards KWA.

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