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How Much Money$$$

How much Money hve You Spent on Airsoft  

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  1. 1. How much Money hve You Spent on Airsoft

    • 100-200
    • 200-400
    • 400-800
    • 800-1000
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    • 3000-5000
    • 5000-10000
    • 10000+

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over a 4 yr. period



ACU shirt-$10

ACU pants-$25

pasgt replica-$20



arena flak-jaks-$16



BE XM8-$80

UTG AK47s-$135

HFC full metal M92fs-$150

UTG L96-$165

UTG M3 pistol grip tri shot-$70

CM.035 AKS74u-$115

A&K M249 SAW Mk. 2-$290




green gas-???

red dot sight-$50

scope w/ mount-$30

utg shotgun shells-$20


around 1100+ over 4 yrs. and all the clones but the XM8 are still working :a-grin:


and a marui vz61 scorpion coming soon hopefully :D

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after 6 vests(most real deal), 7 guns(TM mp5, CA M14, TM SIG552, TM Mp7, E1 m733, KWA USP, KWA mac11),5 pairs of glasses(ESS, Wiley X),4 belt rigs( dutly belts, ALICE belt, blkwtr MOLLE belt)

5 hydration packs(camelbak ambush, camelbak, phantom hydration carrier, blackhawk carrier, and other), and about 30 other random airsoft accessories, I'm looking at about $500....

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In seven years I've spent, easy, almost $10,000




I've owned:


ICS M4, then upgraded it


ICS MP5, then customized it at a Cost of $1,000


CA M24


? nine millimeter berretta


? Spring shotgun


4 spring P38


1 spring nine millimeter


CA G33e, upgraded it


TM M1A1 Thompson, upgraded it


I now own:


Tanaka K98




D-Boy K-98


Broom handle pistol.


Wee Lugar




All of this does not include uniforms I've bought, gear, boots, extra magazines and travel expenses.


OH Dang! I might even be well over $10,000

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Guest Luftwaffe
What happened to $0-$100?


I've spent around $55 on airsoft so far.


What did you buy? A WalMart LPEG and some BB's?

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170-JG star dragon w/ bungee sling and 300 rd hi cap m4 mag

180-tm p90

35-stinger p9 w/ 500 bbs and pistol holster

20-paint for p9

20-10k .2g bbs

6-1k .12 g bbs

40-well p90 w/ sling, moch silencer, scope, flashlight, and bb target

20-paintball mask

other paintball stuff...


about 500, not including shipping, without my paintball stuff.

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Until I just recently bought a box of Star 30 rd AK mags and bought my CYMA CM030 AEP, I had been a legitimate "less than $100 warrior" for a couple years.

CM028 AK-47: $70

Arena FlakJak Goggles: $13 (this was before Goggle Overstock raised the price)

Bag of fleamarket FiDragon 0.20s $10





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Oh, wow, where to start?


$275 on a used TM P90 combo deal

$357 on my G&G Plastica M4 and assorted 'get started in airsoft' stuff plus a few upgrades

$84 in a new charger, magazines, and shims

$140 for a G&P aimpoint, a 3x magnifier, QD mounts for both, plus a Madbull tbb and a KA hop chamber. Yes, I got the deal of a century.

~$60 for my BDU


Total being: $920

Holy mother! That's not even after I get my G4 A5! That's another $280 for everything.




I never thought I'd spent that much, not even counting BBs and I'm sure there are other things I've forgotten!

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Once my Loadout has been completed It will be in the $850 area.


-Weapons - $423.99

-CA416 Sportline $179.99 (from local retailer)

-JG MK5A5 RIS $144.00 (Airsoft GI)

-TM M9 $100 (bought used with extra magazines and holster)


-Weapon Accessories $161.00

-5 King Arms MP5 midcaps - $35.00 (airsoft GI)

-MAG M16 (8 Pack) 130rds Mid Capacity Magazine - $56.00 (airsoft GI)

-B-2 30mm Red/Green Aimpoint Dot Sight - $70.00 (airsoft GI)


-Tactical Vest (all from Airsoft GI) - 130.99

-OE Tech MOLLE vest (OD) - $49.99

-x4 OE TECH M16 Magazine Dual Molle Pouch (OD) - $60.00

-OE TECH MOLLE Radio Pouch ( OD ) - $11.00

-OE TECH Roll-Up Utility Pouch ( OD ) -$10.00


-BDU - $14.99

-Woodland Camo BDU (unknown brand) - $14.99 (Goodwill)

-Shooting Gloves - $?.?? (Unknown)

-Hiking Boots - ?.?? (Unknown)



-Used Well MP7 w/ 1 Hi-Cap, 6 50 rnd Mid Caps, MOLLE Magazine Pouches, and MOLLE Quickdraw Holster - $99.99 (friend of mine)


The price of this for me now that I have added it all up is pretty shocking...It was paid for by me selling my Nintendo DS, Paintball Marker, and then with some money from odd-jobs, damn I spent a lot of money on airsoft...

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Sorry if this is a necropost, I thought this was one of those threads where you can reply at almost anytime, if I am in the wrong please let me know. Anyway


JG M4-120

Well R7-80(overpaid by a lot)

Various Cheap Springers over the years: around 100

Ammo: ~100

Other random assorted stuff: 80-90

most of my gear was given to me

so around 500 in change

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In weapons and weapon accessories about 700~ real rough estimate. I currently own a CYMA M14, KWA M4 RIS and KWA M9 PTP. I'm too lazy to look up all my online receipts and all that so 700 is a real rough estimate.



That number will go up when I put some stuff on my m4.

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Damn...Here We Go



-Guns - $1184 and counting

-AGM MP40 - $120

-AGM StG44 - $200

-JG MP5A5 RAS - $144

-G&G MP5A4 - $250

-Gemtech/Colt M4 - $340

-TM M4 - $90 (Moms selling there kid who's at college's stuff on Craigslist FTW)


-Gear - $430 and counting

-Propper Multicam ACU cut set (used) - $40

-Surplus Woodland BDU set - $20

-Surplus DCU set - $40

-OEtech chest-rig - $20

-HSGI Weesatch - $150

-Camelbak Armorbak - $55

-Mechanix gloves - $25

-Bates boots - $80


-Magazines - $133

-x2 Kingarms 5 set of 90rd MP5 magazines - $70

-Mag 8 set of 130 rd M4 magazines - $63


-Ammo - $108

-x3 boxes of 5000rd .20g Crossman Ammo - $36 (Back in the nub days)

-x2 bags of 5000rd .20g G&G ammo - $21

-x1 bag of 5000rd .20g Javelin ammo - $15

-x3 bag of 5000rd .20g Airsoft Elite ammo - $36


-Field Admittance - $40

-White River is the only pay to play field around me, Ive gone twice.


-Optics/Lights - $140

-B2 aimpoint - $60

-Surefire 6P LED - $80


-Total - $2035


-To Come - $1080

-Noveske Metal Body - $110

-Noveske RIS - $100

-TD style pistol grip - $12

-TD style foregrip - $20

-Magpul rail covers - $18

-Replica EMOD stock - $40

-Magpul PTS ACR - $450

-TM G17 - $170

-Gaurder Slide - $50

-Nineball TBB - $30

-Insight M3 - $80


Soon to be Total - $3115

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I voted $400-$800


Mine is almost at that $800 mark.


$350 of it was in my UTGMK96


The rest went to a:


Cyma M14

G&G M4 blowback

Couple of low grade shotguns (father owns these now to keep pesky cats, dogs, and the occasional rotten kid out of his front yard)



And for my French Resistance loadout


Dboys Kar98k

x30 shells for kar98k

French breadbasket canvas satchel

Tweed brown pants


White button down shirt

And some fancy 1940's loafers for shoes.

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from the start....

Spring P99 - $20

Spring Mac 10 -$35

Spring M4- $70

CO2 pistol -$40

G&G GR-16 + mods -$500

TM PSG-1 + mods and all work done- $800

Spring Shotgun (test spray paint) - $30

CYMA Glock18 + mods/extras - $100

TM VSR - $210

TOTAL- (probably low balled) $1805


Jungle, Desert, Marpet, BDU's

Homemade ghillie suit


Face protection



Gun case

Gun bag

2 drop legs

2 different walkies talkies

2 Throat mics


Knee pads


Random tools

Random stupid add-ons

ALL OF ABOVE........ somewhere around $700 - $1000


So all low balled and all the stuff I didnt add onto this... about $2505


If including Gas, food, entry fees, BB'S, and god knows what else.... prob at $2700-$3000


Now If I include all the work put into these guns and the custom spray paint jobs I have done.... priceless



and this is totally worth it ! Because who doesn't like hearing there friend scream like a little girl when you shoot them in the face and they have no idea where you are?

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