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A Couple Questions

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My other topic, cheap guns, was starting to get a bit off. So I decided that I would ask a few other questions here.


I'm very new to airsoft. So far it has been a great time and only bought my first gun about a month ago. (Heres the link - http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ER-WELL-R8-G3A3.htm.) I'm 13, and don't have the money to buy snything really high queality, but I like this gun so far.



So recently I've been asking questions about.... Sniping. I've been told it is fun, I've been told it is boring and unaffective. I've thought over the pros and cons of the sniper role -



- Quiet with a bolt action spring.

- High FPS (Usually)

- Stealthy



-If you're seen, your screwed. (Unless I think I may get an MP5 or SMG as my backup)

- Semi - Auto

- Boring?




Here are some of them listed. I've looked at the Cons - and the pros - and found that if you are stealthy enough, the cons outdo the pros (Tell me if you think otherwise). So, as I've always liked the idea of stealth - NOT just the sniping part - I'd like to know if there are any other options. AEGs and Gas guns are as noisy as heck, so it is hard to pick off people without the entire crowd knowing you are right there. So is there any rifle/secondary build other than a sniper that allows you too be quiet or effective? I'll try both routes if not - but I really need your opinions. Thanks!


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Don't go into sniping if you don't have the money, a usable rifle is going to be costly.


If you want to be stealthy, there are alternatives. There are things you can do to an AEG that will make it pretty quiet, but they will cost some money or require some technical know-how.


I would recommend that you get a Non-blowback pistol or carbine. NBBs are generally quieter than AEGs and GBB and still posses the power and accuracy that you need to get kills. Something like this http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=24078 is relatively inexpensive and can be easily carried along with an AEG, in case you get spotted.

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Yeah, sniping is definitely not for new players. A gun that will allow you to stand a chance will run you at least $500. You'll also probably want a ghillie suit(which are usually handmade) as well as a pistol and other gear for mags, hydro etc etc.


Personally I don't see the appeal of sniping, if you're going to put absurd amounts of money into a gun you may as well get something that has at least semi auto capability for when the ____ hits the fan, but that's just me.

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I have an upgraded TM M14 and my son has a KJW M700, both guns can get reliable hits out to 300 feet and range further.

Our assault rifle class AEGs can spray BBs on a target at 250 feet.

We play on a woodland field. It's easy to get within 250 feet of a target.


People who do not see a sniper and get hit by one, generally do one of two things:

1: Look around.

2: Dive for cover.

Notice how calling their hit wasn't one of the options.


Put your money into a good assault rifle class AEG, it's more fun and effective.


Good luck

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I wouldn't recommend a WELL, they're generally not known for good quality. Look at CYMAs, JGs, Echo 1s, and G&Gs, they make decent to good quality airsoft products for low prices. You should also try buying used. Airsoft guns have terrible resale value so you can find a lot of good stuff for really cheap if you look around for used stuff here or even eBay and craigslist.

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Sniping, its a debatable topic by many. I personnaly love sniping because it is my stylem, ( althought I don't mind a good round with my full auto M4 every so often) because every since I was younger (9-10) my father and I hunted together often and my dad showed me how to move around silently and how to track etc... Personnaly no one has the right to say that another persons role is boring ( my opinion)!


My suggestion to you would be to find a friend that already has a sniper and try it see if it is for you! If not you have other things you can do with airsoft! Such as use a CO2 Pistol, or a Heavy full auto (m249,M260) or use something a bit lighter such as the M4, or an Ak47 etc..


In the end its up to you!

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