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100ft Grouping on target

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Well, it was only moderatly windy, however, the wind kept gusting when I least expected it. LoL so I guess thats my excuse if I need one. But these are realistic groupings from what Im seeing else-where. So I thought Id post them up for people to see and compare to.


Other than that, I shot three magazines, with 10 rounds each.


Gun = ASR

Range = 100ft

Ammo = Madbull .36g bbs.

Target = Standard 8.5 x 11 inch Graph paper with 1/4in squares. 4 squares = 1 inch.





FIrst Target I just did a hold, and tried to stay seady and fire consistantly.



On the second target, I attempted pretty much the same as the first.



On the third target, I was attempting to get a tighter grouping by holding off, based on point of impact, useing the mil-dots on my scope. So I got a little bit scattered results as I corrected.


But all in all, it was a fair day of shooting. This gun was WAY more consistant than my Well G96D. Phft, we wont even talk about that gun yet.

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This is my Echo1 ASR that is shooting about 240fps with .20 and is reaching out to torso sized targets about 7/10 at 250ft with .30g bbs.


.36bbs are great because they flatten out the arc a bit. The PDI hop-up is set to work with .30g bbs at the ranges and conditions stated above.


The deal is, I hang out on a sniper forum, and some users are posting 100ft grouping and I wanted to do the same. So I did.


This isnt a super gun. This is a nice gun. Its not 1000 +$ of performance. Its a 115$ gun with some upgrades. Total value in the gun is about 300$ or so dollars. And for that ammount of money, I think its great.


In any event I thought Id share my results, and see if anyone wanted to share theirs.

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I shoot .30g bbs at 250 ft. The gun is tuned for that.


But shooting at less than 1/2 my max range, the .36g bb gives me stability, flattens the arc, and gives me the overall accuracy that I was looking for.


I wasnt trying to debate, rebut, argue, or put down your suggestion. But the info isnt valid for my gun at this range. But thank you for the input anyway. I can imagine that for some guns, it may work fine.


But I wasnt just responding to the .36 comment initially. I was responding to the "stock gun" comment as well. So thats where the value of the gun came into play.

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Soooo torso sized hits at 250ft, and your guns power level is at 240fps with .20g BB's....?


Yea, I'm going to call BS on that one...


At 70 meters, a .2g BB will have almost no energy left. It would be going at only 10 FPS by the time it reaches the target.


If he used a .3g BB like he says, he would literally have just over .01 joules of energy left, which would be about 30 FPS.


You got any video of yourself shooting? I want to see this for myself.

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LoL, No lie, Id call BS on that too.


Sorry, no my gun shoots 540 fps last time I checked.


And yes I get on Torso at about 240-250 ft.

alright, that sounds much more realistic. Where did that 240fps come from in your previous post?

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Ya either a keyboard slip or I was inter-poseing (a word?) my range and my FPS. I often post quickly when Im at work, and some times my brain is involved in more than one thing at once.


So ya, my bad. LoL. But Ive posted about my ASR enough times that I think I could pull up posts from when I built it to prove I havent changed my story. LOL


Anyway, nice catch on my mis-type.

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