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Polar star fusion hpa

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I'm not really into classic airsoft but I thought it was worth mentioning that polar star made a gun and a v2 gb conversion kit. it uses a different system than other classic it uses a dual electronic regulator so that you can change rof and fps independently. also you can set it at semi only or adjustable burst that stops when you stop pulling the trigger. last but not least it puts out a greater volume of gas for very extended dmr barrels. don't flame but im not sure it qualifies as classic because its new and in production


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There are already several threads on the Fusion box. Personally I don't really care to call it a classic, as it operates fairly different than, say, an old JAC. It does use an external gas tank, yes, but so do HPA rigged KJW M700s.


For once, I agree with Vegas. It's definitely not a classic, as it's currently in production, is not an old design, and is designed for a modern airsoft gun.

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