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Cooling down a ghillie suit?

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I live in particularly hot area (90+ degrees in the fall isn't abnormal) I was planning on helping a friend construct a half body ghillie suit for being a sniper or spotter. The only issue I see pre-build is heat inside the suit, anyone know ways how we could cool down the suit in case the heat hits?


I was thinking of just making the suit out of the net only so you can just use velcrow straps to attach it to your shoulders and legs while wearing a t shirt and shorts beneath. Does anyone else have any better ideas?

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Some people cut a large hole in the back of the top or on top of the hat portion and sew in mesh to allow for venting.


Ghillie suits are just inherently hot. There is not much in the way of construction to avoid the issues of heat. Your idea for a removeable net might be the best idea for you.


Good luck.


-Stay safe

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I handmade most of my ghillie suit- so it's a good bit thicker than most store-bought ones. And where I live, in the Southeast United States, the summer heat+humidity can be downright deadly.


And you know what sucks? As others have said, there really is no practical way to cool down a ghillie suit.


My solution is conditioning. Wear your suit as practice, when you're casually target shooting your rifle in the backyard (farmland out here, don't get hyped up), or scouting out your venue for upcoming games (we host games on out own property around here), put on the ghillie suit. Walk around, lie in the sun for extended periods. Tame your body to get used to the heat.


And when you actually take your suit to a match, wear a cameback (or some other backpack water bladder). Not only does it supply hydration, but the water cools your back down a bit.

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Here are some ideas I saw on another thread:

Quote: Assaultmonkey

1. Get one of those cold gel headbands. (the ones you soak in water, and they dry off and stay cool)


2.Sew pockets to the inside of your ghillie suit and put those cool-pac things you stick in your freezer

into them.


3.This one is a little off the wall and certainly not mil-sim, but it does add a few bonuses to being a sniper.

Either you've already done this, or you most likely won't, but I figured I'd toss it out there.

Grow your hair out. Humans were naturally meant to have long hair. There's a reason. The main use for

long hair way back when, was camouflage. When your hair reached terminal length, (3 ft) it would effectively break up your outline(much like ghillie head covers do). Other reasons included, warmth, funneling rain out

of the way of your eyes, and keeping cool.

99.9 % of the time, I'm cooler than the guys with the buzz cuts at the large games. Why? because once I

wet my hair down with cold water, it STAYS wet for hours afterwards. And after my head is cool, the rest of

my body cools down also.

Again, just a thought I'd toss up.


Hope that helps a bit.

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