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1. I am accepting trades for real-steel or military surplus stuff including but not limited to: (Not interested in airsoft items)


A. Bags/Backpacks/Rucks (Larger sizes from Day Packs to Full Sizes but if price is right I will consider BugOut types as well) (No color preference) (Eberlestock, Maxpedition, Condor, TAD, 5.11, Military Surplussed, etc.)


B. Rifle cases (Hard case) (Pelican, Storm, Boyt)


C. Tactical Casual Wear (shirts/shorts/cargos) (5.11, LAPG, etc)


D. Med/Trauma-Kits (Full kits, bandages, QuickClot, anything)


E. Kevlar Helmets (Real and Copies) (PASGT, MICH, ACH, LWH, M1 Steel Pot)


F. Holsters (1911 full frames only)


G. Military Surplussed Jackets (ECWCS etc)


H. Ammo Cans (Small to Large including Military Crates)


I. Inert Ammo


J. MRE's (Boxes/Sealed Individuals)


K. Flashlights/Torches (Surefire, Streamlight, etc)


L. Really, I'll Consider Almost Anything Military


1.(a) On trades you must ship first.


2. I accept Discreet PayPal (sent as Personal Payment) and Money Order/Cashier's Check.


3. I am and adult and as such will provide professional courtesy from communication to transactions including reception of money to shipping and receiving of item. All items are from a smoke-free home. All gear was maintained. Loose threads on pouches and gear were burned regularly for preventative maintenance.






I'm sorry to say that I have decided to go the way many airsofters go when they've done this long enough. Real steel. My love for my new AR and the need for ammo and parts are taking over. So with that said I have some of the finest gear in the land to sell off.


This has been the single most excellent airsoft rifle I have owned. Not to mention the weapon that was named the Rain Maker by our team due to the sheer quantity of BB's it can send downrange. It was our Sprint weapon since it was able to "reach out and touch someone" at long ranges. It is highly motivational for the casual BB-shrugger as well. It's hard to ignore that many BB's popping you almost at once. I am the first and only owner of the gun. Gun cleaned after every OP. Barrel cleaned and maintained with silicone. Stored in hardcase at all times when not being used or cleaned. Very professional owner and I take good care of my stuff. FPS is right where it needs to be (380-390) to keep it in the assault rifle classification for OP's.


KWA KM-16 BR (Battle Rifle)





In the package I will include:

*Bottom rail attachment for grips/203's. (Can be mounted on bottom or top of standard handguards)

*G&G T-VFG (there are rails on both left and right sides for torches/lasers etc) It is missing bottom cap and I screw and unscrew it with pliers or whatever else I can fit

*KWA Mag (has been painted OD to match furniture)

*Magpul MBUS Rear Sight (Clone)

*FabDefense Magwell Grip (Clone) Fantastic for a nice grip and for faster reload speed.

*G27 motor grip in OD

*King Arms 11.1v LiPo (these two items combined are devastating to OPFOR) :a-yesnod: Battery in excellent condition. Holds charge perfectly. Lasts all day with no signs of slowing down.

*Original Box




Notice, buffet scratching near charging handle from 3-point sling. Cosmetic only.







2GX Series with the wonderful 2G bucking for fantastic hop-up.


PRICE: $270shipped



Hot Weather Rig (Willing To Part Out)


This has been my hot weather rig since HSS Plate Carrier was just too hot for Texas summers every year or so. Much lighter with open chest area for cooling. MOLLE on back of H-harness to attach hydration carrier. Plenty of real estate for attaching pouches, mag-dumps, etc. *DISCLAIMER: Will not include GI belt if bought as package. I am selling 2 duty belts that would fit this however in this thread. I will consider discounts if purchased together.




*Condor H-Harness (OD) $15 Shipped

*Condor Battlebelt (CB)(Size:L) $15 Shipped

*PACKAGE DEAL -$25 Shipped







Again, the belt is not for sale but for visual reference only.




Bijan Military Surplussed Knee Pads (Woodland) (Size:M) $20 Shipped



Man, I love these things. Bought 3 pairs over the last 7 years of playing airsoft and I'm only selling 1 pair. Awesome kneepads. Wife is not into airsoft and even she had me buy her a pair. I use them all over the yard now for everything. Excellent for airsoft since they will not slip down your leg even when sprinting. First owner of them. Only used in one OP (our team always preferred Tan army).








Duty Belt (Velcro) (CB) (Size:XL) $8 Shipped

Been my keep-up-my-BDU belt. Velcro attachment is wonderful for speed (I always hated my issued belts).







1.) Multicam Radio Pouch (Clone) (MOLLE) $10 Shipped

2.) Condor Flashbang/203 Pouch (CB) (MOLLE) $10 Shipped I used it as both. Will not fit Tornado grenades. Will fit Madbull GSG grenade and 203 shells.

3.) SWAT Patch w/ Velcro $5 shipped - velcro is high-quality (not cheap). Large patch. Bought it for OP as ID as SWAT team but never fielded it. Looks sharp!



Rear sides of previously mentioned items.



DISCLAIMER: All mags were cleaned as routinely as weapon. Properly siliconed and stored and all function well (especially ICS). All painted OD.

1.) ICS 450 Round Hi-Cap $15 Shipped

2.) Classic Army 300 Round Hi-Cap $10 Shipped (Modified with aftermarket screw to retain internals)

3.) D-Boys 300 Round Hi-Cap Eh. I'll toss in in free with either of the 2 mags if you ask for it.

4.) MAG Mid-Caps (x7) (100 Rounds) $25 Shipped Missing one of the 8. :a-nonod: They have "Raptor 1" on them.





1.) Condor Double 203 Pouch (CB) (MOLLE) $15 Shipped

2.) Pistol-Mag Retention Device - $5 shipped Holds Mags in gun. Elastic wraps around grip. Velcro covers bottom of mag to keep your $30 investments from falling out of gun.

3.) Uncle Mikes Tactical Drop Leg Holster $15 Shipped SOLD!!!! (Universal) Fits most medium and large framed pistols. Holstered my 1911DS perfectly.


Edited by Raptor 1

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Propper Top (DCU) (Size: Large/Short) $10 Shipped




Military Issue Trouser’s (DCU) (Size: X-Large/Regular) $10 Shipped

These were specifically modified to have Velcro closures and an elastic cuff. Makes blousing much easier.



FOR THE BOTH: $15 Shipped


Tropentarn ACU Cut Top: Clone (German Desert/Tropentarn) (Size: X-Large/Regular) $25 Shipped Very difficult stuff to find in the U.S., especially in the ACU cut style.




2 Pairs of USGI Woodland Bottoms [Large/Short] [29-39 waist] ($10 a piece shipped)


Issued to me when in Reserve OTC.

I left them with regulation starch. Thick and heavy. They stand on their own.


Brazos Tactical Shoes (Size 9)($10 Shipped)


Purchased them when I gave up on finding cheap good boots. 2 weeks later I found a Marine issue set of Bates for $5 at Goodwill. Shoes worn once.


USGI Y-Harness ($8 Shipped)


Used this for hot weather rig. Purchased H-Harness a few months later.



Raine Tactical Duty Belt (Size: XXL) ($8 Shipped)


Purchased this in a packaged deal. Too large for mah girth.

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All PM's replied to. All items spoken and paid for yesterday have been shipped. All items now sold are listed as such in their pictures.


Let me know if you have any questions.



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Guest logandoan


I'm not trying to troll you, but how did you get a 2gx in a 1g body? Is this just before they switched over to the new bodystyle? (so this would be the rare 2g then, I guess?)

Edited by logandoan

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Due to my lack of familiarity with all of KWA's models I will answer it this way. I have not done anything to the rifle internally since I bought it off a vendor in late 2009. It is stock and was only cleaned and lubed. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is a 2GX with the 2G bucking but that was how it came out of the box.


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Due to my lack of familiarity with all of KWA's models I will answer it this way. I have not done anything to the rifle internally since I bought it off a vendor in late 2009. It is stock and was only cleaned and lubed. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is a 2GX with the 2G bucking but that was how it came out of the box.

When they were switching over to 2gx they did have a time where there were 2gx internals in 1st gen bodies. So when you see a 1st gen you have to open it and see if the gearbox looks like 2nd gen or 1st gen. The OP's box has the correct stickers on a box with a 1st gen on the side so this is apparently one of those "in between" guns

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I promise full professionalism, honesty, and integrity in my thread, items being sold, and description. This rifle is exactly what it says to be. Please feel free to check my feedback.


In future scenarios, I request that, if you have an issue like this please PM me about it first before posting it in my FS thread. It's just common courtesy. Anachro, I very much appreciate your clarification and thank you.


Let me know if you have any questions guys.




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