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FS: Full metal KJW M 1911 A1 blowback pistol + extras for $65 shipped!

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Hey guys! Great deal here! Need some money in my paypal so here we go-


For $65 I am offering-

-A Full metal KJW M 1911 A1 blowback pistol with mag (these things cost $130 new) has slight wear around the edges

- a 4oz bottle of Silicone oil if you prefer to use propane over green gas (2/3 full) (cost me $8)

-2000 bbs .25gram. Kind of cheap bbs.

-Speedloader (cost me $10)



So I am selling all of this so cheap because!

1. I need money in my paypal very soon

2. It is a used gun with some wear, and has two minor issues.


Two minor issues with the gun.

-Mag leaks slightly. You can still pull like 20 full shots with this leaky mag, but obviously you can buy a new mag and this problem is fixed.

-Since it is a blowback pistol, sometimes when the gun blowsback, it binds and doesn't go back forward. You can either give it a tap with your palm and it'll go right back forward, and you can resume shooting. OR you can just lube up the internals, and it should glide smoothly instead of binding. I'd rather not take apart the gun and I have no grease myself so I'll just leave that to whoever buys it.


So a great deal if you're willing to cope/fix these two small issues =)


Thanks for reading! PM me or post here with any questions!










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