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At what age did you get into Airsoft/play your first game?

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So I have never played a game of airsoft in my life. I plan on going soon. Been watching a lot of videos and it looks like it will be fun. So on my birthday weekend, the day I turn 26, I plan on going to CQBCity in Stockton CA. Bringing my slightly modded CYMA Thompson and KWA M9 PTP. My first time playing will be when I turn 26.


Anyways, it got me to thinking, I seem to be a little "old" to be getting into the sport, though I know there are people my age and older who play. Just seems a lot of younger folk play, which is not a bad thing. Better to be running around shooting fake guns than to be sitting on your :censored2: shooting digital guns haha.


So what age did you guys get into airsoft or play your first game?

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Got into it when I was in high school (15 maybe)?


Still playing and I'm 23 now. Really picked up into it heavily last September. Up until last September I had only 1 AEG and 2 pistols. Now I have 5 AEG's (building a 6th) and 2 pistols, plus a TON of gear.

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Ive been into Airsoft since 2001.


I am a player AND a collector and love everything Airsoft/MilSim related.


My first real skirmish was wayyyyy back when at Cousins on Long Island.


No matter how old I get ill NEVER get out of the sport, I love it too much :)

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2006 I started reading and such, 2007 I got my ICS M16A3 that I still use to this day (stock).


Am I some sort of stupid or something? lol I was 16 in 2006 when I started reading about airsoft (man I'm dumb hahaha) and I'm 21 now.


The broad age range is one thing I have always loved about airsoft. Anyone (over the age of I'd say about 12 is good IMO) can play, so it can bring an entire group of friends together, or even an entire family. I play with a lot of younger kids, especially as of late, but I think that's because the field I play at is just starting. When I played in 2007 it was a much older crowd overall but the field I went to most was a MILSIM field, maybe that is why. I still play with people ranging from ages 12 to over 40.



Tips for a beginner, check out my post in this thread for a few simple things:



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Age 25. Didnt even know this sport existed. I had this old garbage uzi that took 4 double A's. I was shooting at this pigeon in my apt complex that decided to make his home our stair well. Hit him and he kept coming back. So I was like, I know they have to make better guns. Looked it up...found ASGI and Evike and was blown away. Then found out there was a indoor CQB like 12 miles from me. The rest is history. Basically play every weekend.


King Arms SIG 556 Shorty



G&G Blowback MP5 A5

Dboys PDW



Since playing over a year, I have had about 15 guns. Selling and trading out. I have a good set now and no need to change. I have basically had all the major brands and played with all models.

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I started in the middle of 6th grade, mostly crappy Lpegs, got my first real AEG (cyma m14) in march of 7th grade, and now, between 8th and 9th grade, I have 4 guns. 2000 dollars of airsoft stuff. my friend says that he is gonna laugh at me when I grow out of all this airsoft stuff. but its complete BS. airsoft is one of those things where once u get hooked on, u never let go.


oh and I know this is really off topic, but I have to say it. Edi, your sig is freakin the hell out of me man.

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