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WTS D-Boys AK's, misc. parts, gear and pouches

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All prices do not include shipping. Shipping will be calculated via your address/ZIP code and UPS for AEG's, and USPS whenever possible (for smaller parts etc.). I will consider trades for Cyma or D-Boys AK-105 style AEG's with full stocks (no triangle stocks or CM-031d's) or V2/AR-15 parts (no guns). If cash is needed to bring my value up to par, I'll provide it. I will not ship first unless you are a very reputable seller. Better/more detailed pictures/evidence that I own these items available upon request. All offers considered, no low balling please.


PM or email me for the quickest replies.


You can see some of my feedback from ASR (TheRisingSon18) here.


D-Boys AK-74 (RK-06)

Price: $100 OBO


Description: I bought this about a year ago via boneyard to mess around with. When I bought it the flash-hider broke off immediately, taking the threads with it. No suppressors for this one, sorry. I did take time to dremel down the chunks of the threads that stick up so it looks much cleaner now on the front sight. No issues internally from what I can tell. Externally there are some blemishes in the wood furniture, and she's missing the rear sight and leaf spring, but if you hunt around you can probably replace those for maybe $20 total. Comes as shown with no battery.





D-Boys AKS-74 (RK-02)

Price: $90 OBO


Description: One of my backup AEGs, I really don't have a need for it anymore seeing as I haven't airsofted in a while now due to work/school. Has some small custom wear done, but nothing major really. The grips are texture-painted with some truck bed-liner spray and feel less flimsy and easier to grip when wet. Has an installed Systema bucking. The receiver cover can fall off normally due to shoddy D-Boys tolerance issues but a little bit of electrical tape on the back pushes it far enough forward to where this really isn't an issue. Comes as shown wired to deans, with the old stock battery which is also wired to deans.


(FYI I think the camera flash over-accentuates the wear)






OD Plate Carrier with wood inserts: SOLD


Fairly used, two of the MOLLE straps on one side on the front have ripped away, otherwise everything else is intact.




Woodland Chest Rig (3 Mag Pouches, 2 Utility): SOLD


Another rarely-used item. The material is very thick, should hold up to quite a beating.




ACU Pouches: $15 + shipping


Never used. They are about equal in quality to Condor pouches. Thick material.




Coyote Tan Chest Rig (4 mag pouches, 2 smaller utility): SOLD


Pretty heavily used. All the snaps and velcro are intact, and while the material is rather thin it's still fairly tough and held up to some good abuse. Very small rips developing on the insides of some of the pouches, and one mag pouch has a separation from the rim of the mag-holding segment and the pouch.




Desert 6-Color "Chocolate Chip" Helmet Cover: $15 shipped


Used but no rips. Got this from my neighbor but never needed it.




Desert 3-Color Trousers (authentic), Medium-Long: $15 + shipping


Has some small pockmarks where wear has occurred, however they look to be patched up. Also got these from my neighbor, but too big for me. 32.5" to 35.5" inseam, 31" to 35" waist.




Desert 3-Color Trousers (imitation), Small-Regular: $15 + shipping


Never used. 29.5" to 32.5" inseam, 27" to 31" waist.



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