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KWA 17/34 package, CA G3

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Paypal only

Shipping is included in price

No refunds/returns (if you ask I'll take a video of the gun firing to prove it works)

Don't lowball





ONLY TM P226's w/ MBK's

If its not that don't offer



KWA Glock 17/34 package- $300 shipped


What I have is my pride and joy, it's a KWA G34, the slide was replaced with a G&P G17 metal slide with trademarks. Internally it has a PDI G34 length tbb, Airsoft Surgeon floating valve, and a G&P enhanced recoil spring. To cover the longer inner barrel the G34 outer barrel was kept on the gun, but a metal G&P G17 standard barrel is included. This is truly a unique Glock. This build has around 200 rounds through it to ensure functionality but has not been skirmished at all.


Note: The original plastic G34 slide does have a small piece broken off the back, it will still function fine though


What you get, prices are of what I payed new:

KWA G34- $130

2x standard mag $30 each

G&P slide, barrel springs, $36

PDI 6.01 Tbb-$42

3x extended mags $45 each

1x extended mag shell for parts-$15

extra valves and mag lip rubbers-$15

Blackhawk serpa- $45

Magpul base plates (not pictured)-$10


total- $488 not including shipping which would easily be another $50.








CA G3 SG1 DMR- $275 shipped

Got this in a trade and just don't see myself using it as much as I would like to. It's in great condition externally and the internals are in great shape as well. It's currently shooting about 380 fps



-Aim Monster Torque Up gears

-Yellow Poly-carbonate Piston with 2nd tooth removed and 3rd shortened for AOE

-Aluminum Piston head with corrected O-Ring for Airseal

-Guarder Stainless Steel Cylinder head with double O-Rings

-Sorbothane Pad for AOE correction and shock absorption

-Guarder Stainless Steel bushings

-Guarder Tappet plate

-JG Blue M-42 T

-shimmed with G&P copper shims and greased with white lithium on gears and Silicone grease on airseal

-stock bucking



It will occasionally double feed with the CA mags, however with a KA mag and it fed fine the entire mag.


You get:


2x CA highcap mags

1x KA mid

(Scope not included)





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