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Gun only fires on full auto

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recently rewired my m4 in order to put deans ultra plugs on it (because the battery for the stock I bought had deans on it as well), and I also wired the fuse out of the wire that runs to the battery. After I charged the battery and plugged it in the gun would only work with the selector set to auto. This is the first time I've ever done anything with the electrical parts of the gun and I was hoping someone would know how to fix what happened to my gun.

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

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the motor doesn't spin at all on semi


It almost sounds like trigger contacts. I may be wrong but when a airsoft gun is set on semi the safety level stops the trigger from being fully pressed, so the trigger might not be connecting the connects enough to power it.


I would pull the motor and run a meter on the leads. Pull the trigger on both semi and auto and check to see if the motor is getting power on both settings.


If it is getting the correct voltage on both, you know it has to be mechanical and not electrical.

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It's most likely your selector switch on the side of the GB, break down your gun and just pull the GB out just enough to see it. Put your safety switch to Safe and slide the selector switch all the way forward. Now go from safe, to semi, to auto. You should see the selector switch move when you move the safety.

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It sounds like you installed the GB into the gun incorrectly.

You should have (in this order):

Install the GB alignment pin (the small one above the trigger)

Install your rear body pin

Install stock

Install Grip

Install Mag catch

Install upper


If not, your alignment may be off. Or, you may have installed the selector plate wrong, or, your trigger contact may be not contacting in semi.

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