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Dimpled BBs... the BBB Dimplex is back!

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Ok so I almost posted this information about 2 weeks ago, but since Bioval responded to my initial inquisition about the BBB Dimplex project I, out of a reciprocated respect, withdrew from sharing this news on the net. I emailed back to ask permission to post and discuss the new news but did not receive a response. I imagine if they were planning any grand unveiling or holding news for other reasons they would have responded by now. So here it is. The following is an email correspondence from bioval directly.


"Hello XXXX


Thanks for your email and your interest in Bioval products.


As you may know Bioval Technologies is now part of the Cybergun Group,

the leading multi national company in licensed airsoft products.

Bioval, of course, will continue to produce the high quality bbs you

have become accustomed to using.


The Dimplex project is in a new phase and we will release news about

this project soon.




Bioval Technologies"





SO this means the Dimplex and dimpled BBs in general are no longer a pipe dream. The project is alive and seemingly well, and I for one simply can not wait for further information.


This post is mainly to inform those who care of the news, not really to discuss the dimpled BBs as there are tons of topics everywhere on that.

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