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FS: Tokyo Marui MP5-SD6 and M16a2 with Trades

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Selling 2 Tokyo Marui AEG's, both are stock and both are in good condition. Includes original box and 1700MAH batteries.



First up - Tokyo Marui MP5SD6


Stock Gearbox


Includes original box, cleaning & loading rod, magazine, battery, tamya adapter, TM discharger and the mp5 of course


*Will also toss in a free MP5 Claw Mount, not pictured.


Asking $160.00 Shipped !!





* Open to trade offers, particulary interested in a nice GBB pistol, or GBBR's.



Tokyo Marui M16a4 w/ colt trades


Stock Gearbox


Includes original box, loading/cleaning rod, battery, standard mag, metal bird cage and instructions =)


Asking $160 Shipped !!





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you never sent me that bag of .25 airsoft elites



Well, to be fair, I can't control what USPS does w/ their packages, and that is a great example.


On a side note , send me your paypal via PM and I'll pay for the $7.00 of BB's USPS destroyed if it that will make you feel better :a-wink:




*edit* is there a no thread crapping policy here?

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