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Selling various aeg parts, motors, gearbox, Galaxy MP5k PDW

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I am looking to get some cash to start another project so I have lots of parts sitting in boxes, plus I stripped down my Galaxy MP5k PDW and am just going to part it out.

First is a Guarder enhanced recoil spring for Tokyo Marui Hi-cappas. It is unopened and is in perfect condition, $10 shipped.




Next is a Tokyo Marui eg1000 motor (long). I probably shot about 1000 rounds with it. It works perfectly. $35 shipped



I have two long type chinese motors. $10 shipped each.



Next up is the Galaxy MP5k PDW body and folding stock. It has an m4 length barrel in it from an old S-system and I will also include the stock PDW length barrel. It comes with the original flashhider also, which isnt pictured $20 shipped. The only problem with it is that one of the tabs broke in the rear but it doesn't effect anything.





Next are two metal hi-caps, a short 30 rnd. (I think) mag, and three plastic mid caps. I want to sell them all together instead of parting them out. $30 shipped.



I have a mock full metal suppressor -14mm and +14mm. I can't recal the brand, and there are no markings on it. $28 shipped.



Next is the Galaxy MP5k PDW gearbox. It works fine, but could use a rewiring since the stock wiring isn't great and is kinda stiff and thin. Looking to get $25 shipped for it.



Finally is a Matrix "QD Transform" 8mm Metal Gearbox w/ QD Spring Change for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEGs (wired to the front. Here is a link with all the info for it: http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_i...ducts_id=33763

I got this yesterday and tried installing it in my Combat Machine M4 and it just doesn't sit in there perfect. The Combat Machine bodies are petty much designed to fit the G&G gearboxes and that's about it. I got it in there so I could try it out and it stopped shooting after a few rounds. I took it apart and looked at it and found out that the little spade connectors that connect the wires to the motor snapped off and were just hanging there in the shrink tubing. It only needs those replaced and it will be shooting great. I paid $85 plus shipping, looking to get $70 shipped for it.



ALL PRICES ARE OBO. I really need the cash for othre projects I am working on. I will mail items out as soon as I receive the money, usually within a day or two at most.

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I'm also willing to put the MP5k PDW back together and will sell it for $120 shipped. It will include everything that originally came with except I will throw the EG1000 motor in it for a better rof, plus I will leave the longer barrel in it along with the suppressor and include all the magazines. So here is a rundown of everything you would get:

Galaxy MP5k PDW with the claw mount included

TM EG1000 motor

All the MP5 mags I have pictured

suppressor and longer barrel, also stock barrel and stock flash hider


The only thing it could use is better wiring, but it will shoot fine the way it is. FPS was around 320 last time it was chronoed.

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