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Steeljaw36's new WTS

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Other thread got way too long/overcomplicated, so I'm restarting it here. Old thread has been locked

Cybergun Colt Python

Has removable shells, it does fire, just tested it today. Don't know too much else about this one, as I use my Tanakas more. Asking $50




TM Biohazard (Resident Evil) Samuri Edge Barry Burton model

Gun is in excellent shape, and has everything (manuals, box, pin, you name it). Works fine, no leaks, no problems. Asking $400





Got this in a trade, but not wanting to gear up another gun, I figure I'll see what offers I get for it. It's a new Echo 1 MP5 EBB, just tested it the day before, literally have shot maybe 200 rounds through it. Works flawlessly, and the EBB is not as clunky sounding as most I've heard, it actually is decent. Asking $170




Deepfire M72A2 LAW (full metal version)

Another thing I got in trade, mainly cause it's cool as heck, but as I'm not much of a nade user, I will not use it. Only one small dent at the front of the outer tube, doesn't affect function at all. Asking $280




TM/Guarder RPK

TM internals, Guarder RPK body kit, wired to deans. Real dead tree and steel, you know you want it! Comes with sling (not russian, but looks close enough), battery and 5 mag midcap long mags. Asking $400




GHK AK 105

This is a V1 AK, I believe. Either way, for those of you that know about the V1 GHK Aks, you know the air nozzles were plastic and prone to breaking. This one is no exception. It's air nozzle is broken, but an aluminum replacement will cost you about $40 from any site (little higher if you go for the NPAS one, but still) Other than that, the pistol grip does have a crack in it, looks like it was repaired using superglue or something, but it seems to be fine. Front right sight cover is bent a little, doesn't affect gun at all. Also comes with three GHK AK mags, 2 GG and one CO2, all do not leak. Previous owner sprayed the grips and stock an ODish green. Asking $170





Got a KA Galil SAR, so I'm going to use that for CQB along with my MP7, so back up it goes! Fixed the issues with it, the bolt release firing is because the magazine doesn't have a bolt stop, doesn't affect function otherwise, magazine doesn't leak. Comes with MAID grip, and both 8 & 10" barrels (with correct inner barrels too), manual. Vert grip not included Asking $250





Yes, these three are all springer guns. Both the L85 and Thompson have trademarks, the pistol is metal bodied

Thompson $45

L85A1 $50

Pistol $20




WA Kimber warrior

Got this along with another metal bodied project, but I'm just going to focus on the one, so this one is up for grabs! I believe it is stock, other than the outer barrel which had broken somehow. It was replaced, gun seems to work fine. Will come with a Wilson combat CQB slide (ABS), the original outer barrel (the hop up and ineer barrel are included with it, looks to be functional) and one magazine, though it appears the feed lip rubber is swollen on it, so the gun won't cycle unles you remove the mag and :censored2: the gun (it feeds well enough though, should be a matter of replacing the rubber). Again, the gun as it is right now is functional (though it doesn't seem as strong as my TMs, but those are all highly upgraded, so...), the magazine appears to need a replacement rubber but should be functional otherwise) Asking $85




G&P M16A4

Right now, TTW on this one, as I've got my eye on a systema and trying to raise some cash for it, otherwise I wouldn't have this one up. G&P M16A4 w/FN Body, G&P knights Armament M5 R.I.S. system with markings

G&P 8mm reinforced gearbox, with steel bearings (old GB was a 6mm)

M120 spring

G&P polycarb piston

G&P High speed gearset

G&P M120 high speed motor

G&P metal hop up chamber

Steel spring guide with ball bearings

Systema hop up rubber

concave spacer

Madbull tightbore barrel

Wired for Deans

Comes with 6 mags (5 G&G midcaps, 1 Pmag [unsure of brand, has full trademarks] midcap), carry handle scope rail and those black handguard covers. Note: The Magpul XTMs and AFG are NOT included.

Asking $350




Tanaka M870 Marine Magnum Shotgun

Was going to repair this one, but got another one in a trade so yeah...

Functionality wise, you won't get any more realistic than tanaka (unless you get a RS shotgun!). Metal bodied, shells hold 3 bbs, loaded into the breach (holds 6-7 shells). It's shell ejecting, so I'd suggest a shell catcher. Now for the bad part: I believe the trigger sear is broken on this one (as it will do all but actually fire when you pull the trigger), I am not very familiar with Tanaka shotguns though, so it may be something else, but everything seems functional otherwise. I do have the expanded diagram from the one I got in trade so if you need it I can scan it and email you the scans of the manual. Also, the Tanaka shells suck, not certian weither they work or not (as I got a bunch of madbull shells in the trade, I use those). You'll get 4 tanaka shells, the shotgun and the CB scabbard you see. Asking $200





Got it in yet another trade, fun little thing to shoot, but not something I'm probably going to use..

This is a pre NS2 KSC M11A1 w/G&P aluminum lower kit & KSC metal upper/magnesium bolt set and 4 magazines, as well as hard case. All mags work, no leaks. Bucking is torn on upper corner, doesn't affect performance (I'm told it uses the same bucking as KSC's glocks, if you want to replace it), and the rear sight has been modified (shaved) so you have a better sight picture, but really, with this are you actually going to use them? Asking $200









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Now for gear:


Intercepter vest size large w/ ballistic inserts

Exactly what it says, vest is obviously used (picked it up in a surplus store), but still in good shape. Don't need two of them..

Asking $200












Digi Tigerstripe (USAF)

Jacket 46R

Pants LR

Boonie 7 1/2



Tru-spec MC

Jacket XLR

Pants LR

Boonie 7 1/4



Flora Summer BDU

54- 4



Flight jacket (woodland)

Has velcro name tapes and shoulder patch






Chest rigs:

Blackhawk CRCH w/ pouches (OD)

Has been my primary setup for a long time now, used in almost every game I've played. I've had it setup to run every single gun I've owned and never had a problem with it, certianly the most versitile piece of kit I have! As you can see comes with a full load of pouches too (all Condor)

1x Dump/ utility

2x triple M4 shingle (one with pistol mag pouches)

1x double M14

2x AK

Not parting out pouches. Asking $180


Woodland LBV w/ OD pistol belt



Camelback hydro carrier (Tri color, OD sprayjob)

Bladder unused



ACU chest rig

3x AK/radio pouches

2x 100 rd saw pouches

1x double M4 mag shingle





other gear:




Strap: $4

green/blue shemagh : $10

three hole balacava : $10

Cree M3 tac/strobe light: $65

SR 25 supresser: $25

BHI Sig Pro 2022 serpa (RH) $20

woodland elbow pads (pair) $10

Hatch Nomex gloves (XL) $10

Guarder P226 grip screws (silver, hex) $5

2x double M4 pouches (woodland) $5 each

Russian flask: $30

Star L85/86 carry handle: $15

ACU kneepads (used, pair) $10


Trade list:

Ares M3A1 Grease Gun


Tanaka Colt Python

KA Galil Midcaps

Edited by Steeljaw36

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Content bump!

Price on ACU intercepter dropped to $175


A Gaili SAR

Unused! Neither the previous owner or I ever fired a round through it, other than some handling, all that was done was to add a KA Real wood handguard. This thing is essentially new. Comes with what you see (box, manual, stick battery, etc.) Asking $310










Tanaka Scattergun Technologies M870

Yes, this is my other tanaka shotgun (the working one), I've fired all of 25 rounds through it, and it works fine, you just need to make one smooth racking action at a decent speed or you will jam it, as I've found. Much shorter than my other one, it makes a great CQB gun! Also comes with 14 madbull shells (you know, the GOOD ones?), all work perfectly, no leaks (though a couple show signs of having been racked before... Asking $400










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Please don't double post. Also, have you ever considered simply PMing the seller?

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I think that is illegal all around.


Probably, but wouldn't you want to do it anyway? :a-grin:

Bumped, and make offers guys. If it's not on my trade list, but if it's something different, I might still be interested in it anyway! As always, reasonable cash offers won't be turned down!


Also added two more!

TM 5-7

Not your box standard 5-7 here, no. This one is highly upgraded, functions perfectly, no leaks in the mags, and if you're going with that operator/Sam Fisher look, this is the gun for you.


Guarder slide/frame (blk/tan)

Guarder controls (blk)

Guarder Stainless steel threaded outer barrel, 10mm negative

Guarder 10mm- 14mm threaded barrel adapter

Creation Aluminum inner slide

Nineball 6.03 tbb

Nineball air seal (purple bucking)

Firefly cylinder

RCC Floating valve


Hasn't seen much use since the upgrades, maybr around 100 rounds or so, yet another victim of me not playing nearly as much as I used to. Asking: $400









Tanaka Ruger Super Redhawk

Another of my Tanakas, this one was upgraded with a custom metal barrel by Smokey's gun factory. Adds quite a bit of heft to it, as well as just making it an intimidating looking moster! Cylinder looks silver, but in reality, it seems as if the previous owner tried to strip the paint from it, but stopped. Doesn't affect function of the gun at all, it fires fine. The guys did a hell of a job with the upgrade, no wobble to be found. At first I wasn't a big fan of the silver barrel either, but it's grown on me. Need an oversized handcannon that isn't a desert eagle for your next evil loadout? Then this is your revolver! Asking $250






Edited by Steeljaw36

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Still would be accepting offers on the G&P M16


Adding two more here:


CA M15A4

Picked this up sometime in 2005, then promptly lost it, lol. Just found it a week ago at my folks place, tested it, seems to work just fine. This thing has only seen maybe 20 rounds through it (testing to see if it was working after all this time.) Stock, essentially new condition. Also included are two CA metal hicaps, a CA C-mag (works fine) an Armotech rail, unknown brand tac light and laser (both also do work). Asking $210







TM M14 w/ G&P EBR chassis

The second "misplaced" one, This being a TM M14 with the G&P EBR kit. I'm guessing this is the earlier version of the kit, as it has an M4 series stock, not the EBR one you see nowadays, but that's not necissarily a bad thing, as you can put any and all types of buffer tube stocks on it, as it's already setup for them! Now, a bit of bad news: It is non functional at the moment. Fuse appears fine, though when a battery is hooked up to it, I don't hear anything at all. My guess is, it's a wiring issue, as when I first built this it was at the beginning of my delve into airsoft, and I remember the wiring harness to be VERY tight (as in hardly any slack in it). It could be that I pulled a connecter off, I don't know. Have no need for this one as I prefer my WE GBBR M14 now anyway. Also comes with a Bushnell 4 x 32 scope with angled mount and a new E1 metal midcap (100 rounds), as well as an NC star QD bipod. The G&P kits still command a pretty penny (when you can find it), and combine that with TM, you have a hell of a DMR on your hands here! Asking $300








Trade list:

Ares M3A1 Grease Gun


Tanaka Colt Python

WA Colt Commander

WE L85

Tanaka Hartford New Action Army

Edited by Steeljaw36

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Tanaka Scattergun and KSC M11A1 TRADED




That's right, that's no misprint. It's a VFC BAR, one of the hardest damn things to find, even a clone doesn't exist yet..

It's in Excellent condition, just a minor mark or two on the wood, I've never skirimshed with it, got it at about the time I moved to MD and just haven't had the time to play much. Sad to see it go, but I'd rather use the funds to upgrade the few guns I've decided to keep. Also it comes with 4 additional BAR mags. Asking $900








Tanaka M19 Combat magnum

Works fine in great condition. Has the gas fill adapter (one of the essential things to have with all Tanaka revolvers, other than the M500). As much as I like this one, I've got way too much and don't use most of it nearly as much as I used to. Asking $140






Tanaka M629 Performance Center

Hard to find these now, this is in great condition, only one minor mark on the barrel. Works great, like I said about the M19 I just have too much. Note: I don't have a gas fill adapter for this one (I only have one more and that I'm keeping for my detective special and SAA) so you'll need to have one already (it CAN be filled w/o it, but you would have to remove the grip and it would still be at an angle, which may eventually damage the fill valve...) Asking $230








I'm at the point where I really think I'm good with what I've decided to hang onto, funds will go toward upgrading those. As it is, I still have a couple of things I might be interested in trading for:

Ares M3A1 Grease Gun


Tanaka Hartford New Action Army

FAPC (RS brand, not really looking for a clone)

Noise reducing headset (Sordin, Howard leight, etc. RS only, as I'd be using these at the range as well)

Maybe a WE L85, not sure just yet.

PKM/PKP (hey I might as well dream big!)


Other than what's up there, I'm not likely to be interested in it, so there you are. REASONABLE offers will be considered, I'm not going to dignify lowballs with a response, nor offers of CYMA/JG/TSD/SRC, etc...

Edited by Steeljaw36

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Have been told that the EBR kit is not a G&P, it is made by TGS/Trigger happy and this is the CQB variant. Build quality is at least equal to the G&P, and from what I've been told it was released earlier than the G&P. kits. Just want to get my facts straight here.


Also would entertain trade offers for an Ares M110, preferably the full stock version.

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