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aeg problems

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Guest alberty

Hi, you posted this thread in the wrong section. This section is for Classic airsoft replicas from many years ago.


By the way, the previous responder is talking about your hi-cap magazine. The hi-cap magazine has a dial on the bottom which is used to the wind up the spring inside of the magazine. For a proper full feed, that dial needs to be winded continuously until you hear/feel the spring reach full tension. You will hear a distinctive double-clicking noise--kind of like when you are winding-up a wind-up toy, when it gets to the end you hear a change in sound and there is a lot of tension.


It sounds like currently, you are not winding the magazine to full tension. Because of this, a few BBs get to the feeding chamber, but there is not tension to push all of the BBs upward to feed into your hop-up unit. That is why it appears that holding the whole gun upside-down seems to "fix" this issue.

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