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WTS: Tons of Stuff. G3, G36, MP5s, Gear, Mags and More!

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My fiancé and myself have decided to get out of airsoft, so we are selling our entire collection. Please feel free to PM any questions or concerns, and please do not thread-crap. If you have issues with any of the items in the post, please PM me instead of making drama in the thread.


All prices are NOT including shipping. Shipping is to be paid by the buyer unless other arrangements are made. Packages will ship from 40701.



JG G3 - T3-K1


This is a modified JG G3 DMR. Upgrades include:


King Arms Reinforced Metal Body Pins

Prometheus Non-Linear SP120 spring

Classic Army Air Nozzle

Classic Army Tappet Plate

King Arms Full Metal Teeth Polycarbonate Piston

Element Sector Gear Clip

AMP T5000L High Torque Motor

Prometheus 7mm Ball Bearing Bushings


The gun has a few blemishes on the outside, scratches on the body from the claw mount, but otherwise functions fine. The gun shoots hot, I haven't chronoed it, but Im guessing around 430 with .25s. Recently cleaned and lubed, hop-up has been reseated and everything is ready to go. Hop up works great, gun is very accurate.


The only problem with the gun is the crappy sling point built into the stock. The screw fell out a while ago, and I use sling mounts closer to the body, anyway.


Gun comes with two Hi-Caps, both work great. Gun also comes with claw mount for optics, and an unjamming rod.


The whole package retails over $400, asking $300 OBO for the whole package.










This gun was purchased used, and has been modified. Custom wood side plates for the pistol grip. I won't lie, this gun has seen better days. The gun shoots, although occasionally it will miss a trigger pull. Works as a decent sidearm, just don't expect a lot out of the gun :)


Comes with one magazine, one battery, and a battery charger. The battery holds charge fine, and the magazine works. Hop up on the gun works great.. If you have the know-how to mess with the trigger contacts, you can probably turn this into a great sidearm.


Asking $40









This is a nearly brand new JG MP5SD6, never skirmished. The gun has had maybe 500 rounds through it, and functions perfectly. No external blemishes at all, hop up works great, sliding stock works great as well. Gun is stock.


Gun comes with an 8.4v mini, unjamming rod, and 1 mid-cap magazine.


Asking $110







ECHO 1 Vector Arms Full Metal MP5A4 RIS


This is a lightly used, stock Echo 1 VA Full Metal MP5A4 RIS. The gun has been rewired to deans in the rear stock. Gun has some external blemishes, but functions fine. Shoots right around 400 fps with .20s.


The hop up retention ring was lost somehow, so was replaced with a plastic ring.. it has been working fine, but if you wanted to replace it, it is easy enough. You can probably find the retention rings at a hardware store.. it is basically a very small rubber band. Gun has been cleaned and lubed, hop up lever has been calibrated and it is ready to roll.


Gun comes with 1 UTG Hi-Cap mag, and a metal red dot scope mount. (I will include a Deans to Tamiya adapter for an additional $10)


Asking $150 OBO






JG G36 C


This is a slightly used JG G36C. Gun has been modified, and would make a great CQC weapon. Gun is Deans wired to the front grip. Upgrades include:


Large size hand guard with RIS (allows for large type batteries)

Stock hand guard.

Stock flash hider.

Guarder Air nozzle

Guarder Super Lucid Chromium Plating Cylinder (Type 0)

Guarder Polycarbonate Piston

Guarder Aluminum Ventilation Piston Head

New Madbull M120 spring

Madbull Blue bucking and nub

Stock gears & Tappet plate

New CA selector plate

Metal bushings and properly shimmed

New G&P M140 High Torque motor


The gun shoots around 350 with .20s. Recently cleaned and lubed, hop-up works great, gun is ready to roll.


Gun comes with 1 Hi-Cap magazine, and 1 Mid-Cap magazine. (will include a Deans to Tamiya adaptor for an additional $10)


Asking $160 OBO







(2) 4000ct Airsoft Elite .20 Bags


Asking $8 each.


(3) UTG MP5 Hi-Cap Magazines


Asking $12 each.


(2) MP5 Low-Cap Magazines


Asking $10 for both.


(3) G36 Hi-Cap Magazines

(1) G36 Mid-Cap Magazine

(1) MP5 Hi-Cap Magazine


Asking $10 each.


(Smart Charger is no longer for sale)




Full Face Guard Mask with Goggles and Neck Cover


This is a brand new, full Face Mask with ANSI rated Goggles. The mask itself is rather large, but is adjustable.


Asking $30


MOLLE 2.5L Hydration Pouch Backpack


Brand new MOLLEE 2.5L Hydration Backpack, Digital Woodland camo. Never been fielded, filled once to make sure it did not leak, works perfect.


Asking $31




(2) Magpul MS2 Multi-Mission Sling

New Magpul MS2 Sling, OD Green, never fielded.


Asking $35 each


Black TMC Strike Steel Half Face Mask


This is a new TMC Strike Steel Lower Face Mask. Never fielded, I have added padding to the nose bridge and upper cheek sections to make it more comfortable. Nice combo with goggles, gives you great protection, without all the heat or fog of a closed mask.


Asking $22


UV400 Dust Tactical Goggles


Brand New UV400 Dust Tactical Goggles. Never fielded, ANSI rated, grey finish with no-fog coating and adjustable strap.


Asking $16


Large MOLLE 5 Compartment Bag


Large bag, one main compartment, 3 side compartments, and a compartment in the cover. Has tons of bells and whistles. Would make an excellent dump pouch or ammo bag.


Asking $20



MOLLE Cordura Padded Battle Belt


Brand new Cordura MOLLE Battle Belt. Padded belt, adjustable clip, adjusts both ways by quite a bit, so it will fit most people. Has suspender rings, so it can attach to a chest rig.


Asking $31


(2) Black Magazine Belt Pouches


Asking $7 each, or $12 for both.


QD Drop Leg Pistol Holster


This is a brand new QD Drop Leg Holster, Digital Woodland camo. Has an adjustable holster, plus a clip pouch, and tons of MOLLE all over.


Asking $25



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