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Where have all the Well guns gone?

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I remember hearing decent reviews of the well aw338 and for the price it seemed like a good piece. does anyone know what happened to them? when they came out there was one review and one used I saw and havent seen them in pictures, reviews, or for sale since then. Were they a total POS or did well decide to stop making something good because they are silly people?

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Or maybe it's because Well often has a generally poor reputation for not having guns that are all that great (think LPEG) along with the fact that they are relatively uncommon guns, so not as many of the major retailers are going to carry it. It could also be that you're not looking in the right places. I see it as not being listed as out of stock at Airsplat (which some people think will be a guarantee of a screwed up order, though I haven't experienced that issue myself), Evike (similar situation as Airsplat), eHobby, UNCompany, and WGC, just to name the first several that I found it at.










Or, am I doing it wrong...?


As for reviews, not everyone cares to write full reviews of guns. I have a pair of them. One was a black one from (presumably) the first production run. The second was a tan one that I got from Evike. Now, if you're not looking for a new one, I don't see used ones for sale too much, but I think that could possibly be due to the fact that when people get them, they like them enough to not just get rid of them, possibly because the very limited amount of domestic retailers that sell them are not trusted by everyone, so fewer people have them to begin with. Then, with the typical going price being maybe like $50-80 more expensive than the KJW, people seem to like skimping out on prices, so seeing a Well for $250 compared to the KJW for under $200 (as low as like $180 if you use a coupon at somewhere like ASGI) would make some people choose the KJW. Would you buy a $250+ gun that you haven't read much about, or a $180 gun that you know could have most of its internals replaced and then perform well? I think most would choose the latter. Some people might also like the styling of the M700 over the AW-338 as well. There was also an issue in the past where spare magazines were very hard to come by unless you wanted to pay for the more expensive ARES ones, but they are somewhat more readily available.


It is definitely possible there are issues with the various Well guns, since the Airsplat boneyard often gets waves of ones that are missing parts. While I haven't dealt with mine for awhile, I think it's just that the KJW has been out longer and has more upgrade parts because it's a clone of the Tanaka, which has been out even longer if I recall, so people assume it can be upgraded to become better, despite that I don't recall ever seeing a straight comparison. Maybe it can, but how much do they have to be upgraded and changed from their stock form to reach that point (whether it be replacing much of the hop up system or tapping it for external air)? Also, maybe you can say that because the ARES is basically derived from the STAR, and the Well is a clone of it, there should be lots of spare parts because the STAR has been out for ages, but I would just say that the high price of the STAR back in the day (wasn't it like $600) would be enough to deter people from getting those as well. A benefit of the Well AW338 (a.k.a the Well G96D, not to be confused with the G&G G96 that came out much later) over something like the KJW M700 is that it comes stock with the ability to take 650mm AEG cut barrels, like a reasonably priced $30 Madbull 6.03mm, and AEG buckings, instead of needing a specific barrel or needing to replace the hop up chamber to "fix" any issues. Sure, there are basically no aftermarket parts for the Well, but that can be said of a lot of the more unique guns as well.


I could be wrong, but I think it's just that a lot of people don't buy them and turn around and sell them all that often because they are decent, at least in my experience. I mean, the same could be said of any of the Marushin or Tanaka shell ejecting guns. They're out of stock at many places, yet I don't recall having seen many used ones actually for sale either. I have the shell ejecting Marushin G21 and Tanaka M24, and how many reviews (or even pictures) of those do you see floating around the forums? Not many... at least not on the forums I frequent. I think it's largely a matter of perception, not that a company discontinued it willingly because of not being able to compete. If anything, I would assume it's more a matter of not wanting (or being able) to bribe someone anymore to continue to make and export them, moving onto other projects, or just being "underground" for awhile.

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well had came out with a new sniper rifle months ago and ive never even seen them up on any of the sites I browse

but then that could be cuz I don't look at the sniper rifle section very often, rofl! but honestly I havent even seen them advertised anywhere either. even when they had that one really futuristic looking one with the adjustable buttstock and cheek rest it was sort of hard to find


it was always about those utg warrior l96's which were rebranded wells. youd think as many other companies rebranded well sniper rifles their business would be booming and youd be seeing increased clone quality like what you see with clone aegs

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