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Post Apoc loadout advice

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Winters coming and I want to get some heavier clothes, and this seems like a great time to get a post apoc loadout, and I know its been done to death but I would like some suggestions on how to make my future one look better.


What I plan on getting so far:















So far this is about all I got, can anyone make some suggestions on how to make it look better (without a gas mask),? Sorry for being kind of vague, any pictures or suggestions are welcome.



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Guest alberty

What about carrying your weapon and magazines? If you don't have those covered yet, I would recommend leather slings and ALICE gear/pouches. Canteen instead of hydration carrier.


Don't forget, you want to keep some level of efficiency even though you're trying for a loadout of that type of situation.

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I usually run a "vietcong" type loadout, so I have the vest/weapon covered. For carrying other stuff I plan on using that backpack, so I have efficiency pretty much covered. Just looking for "aesthetic" gear now.

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o boy, having run several post apoc games with all sorts of people here are some of the best ones complete with some of the bits that make them great:

208725_1832545166369_1022600923_2101325_6640721_n.jpg cowboy hat is always great mismatched gear you have. The mask is a basic shop respirator that won't interfere with your goggles and adds a cool feel to the outfit.


24316_1334629718794_1022600923_1043351_7423513_n.jpg hat again and that great fallout style g3. leather jacket was 10 bucks at a thrift store and the brit issue sweater was another 6.


shoulder plate made from an old satalite dish, lots of duct tape and belts. picking up spent casings from your local gun range or sand pits look nice and fill up extra room. extra bits of rope or twine are always helpful for repairs where duct tape will not do. I'd also say to look the part I will not shave for a few days and then role my gear and clothes in dirt, motor oil, and fire pit ash. hope that helped





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