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Official Thread of ASF Scammers

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"This thread is a list of people who are confirmed scammers on this forum as well as links to the threads that discuss the issue/confirm they are a scammer. Ultimately you should still check and use the Feedback system in place however this will allow us to consolidate the list of known scammers as well as provide more info on them. Most members will be given two chances because of the difficulty in proving stories between two or more members and also the possiblilty of redemption. The first time someone is caught scamming, their seller status will be revoked for 3 months or more depending on the severity of the issue. Scammers and members who have numerous complaints against them may not have their username changed.


The second chance is not automatically given. In order to earn their second chance on this forum, a confirmed scammer must post an apology thread that states exactly what they did and why it is not an ethical behavior. They must also state what they have done in order to make things right with the person/persons being scammed. Those people will also have a chance to weigh in on the apology thread and whether these actions of repentance have taken place and whether they feel it was sufficient. The admin team will then go over the apology thread and render a decision as to whether the confirmed scammer is given a second chance. Some behavior will warrant a ban on the first offense.


The admin team is doing this to accomplish several things. We want to make this forum as safe a place as possible with repercussions for unethical actions. We cannot prevent scamming from occurring, but we can try to prevent repeat offenses. By making the apology and subsequent punishment public we aim to increase awareness of unethical practices and to show that these behaviors will not be tolerated. However it is still the ultimate responsibility of the buyer and seller to make sure they take appropriate steps to prevent being scammed.















FinalEncounterr -BANNED (note the double "r")





intervention (see Vince Lam)






leonandlein - BANNED Also goes by the name David Meichsner




MaruzenType96 (See Vince Lam)






Rainie/Hebe/Newold -3 Month Selling Suspension 2/17/12 ban lifted.






Tokyo Marui Company (See Vince Lam)



Vince Lam - Banned






Please remember that ultimately is it your responsibility to do the research and ASF is not responsible if you get scammed or have a bad deal. This is always a risk when dealing with members on here and ultimately you are responsible to look over the user and decide the level of risk in participating in that transaction, and whether you can accept that risk.


Just because you feel that someone is a scammer will not automatically get them put on this list or have action taken against them. Both sides must have the option to present their case, after which the staff must review (weed out lies, twisted truths, who is right/wrong, etc) and then determine a course of action. If it is found that members are fabricating information, action may be taken against them as well, so it is in your best interest to present accurate information.


Please remember that you may leave feedback 1 time per transaction and that the transaction much take place on ASF. If the transaction took place on another forums or eBay and other similar sites, they will not be considered here.


As you are allowed to give friendly bumps to good sellers like "free bump for a good seller" you may also do so with a scammer. Something along the lines of "Had a bad deal with seller" or "Don't Recommend this seller" would be acceptable. Linking to discussion of them scamming is also allowed. Please keep the post short, simple, and do not spam it. What is considered short and simple will be left up to moderator discretion, so it is advised to keep it similar to the examples above.

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