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Internal Mag Reg

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Ok guys I am thinking again...... yeah I know not again.



But I got to thinking... what is the smallest regulator that you would be able to get? And if you were to get that reg would you be able to fit it into the mag, and then have the top of the reg be just below the exit port on the mag.


So all you would need is the air tank, for a single reg set up, and the hose would run right into the mag.

For a dual reg you would only need to find room for one reg in you set up.


For adjusting the output on the reg, make it so you would have to disassemble the mag to adjust the setting. This would make it impossible to change in the field, and most fields would enjoy that.




Again just me thinking, and wondering if anyone else has thought of the idea or not.





I just found this site...... the first one that is pictured there is 0-145 psi operating pressure, and is 1 11/16" height, 5/8" hex body, and weighs 2oz.

That should be just about the same size as the "air tube" that is inside of the mag already.

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The regs you're looking at are secondary rigs. These are rarely rated beyond 200psi max input and are more often below 100psi so you'll need some way to reduce pressure from a standard air tank which is usually 850psi. These are really made to be used with a portable compressed air tank and heavy duty main regulator through which both small pneumatics and heavy duty tools like jackhammers. Also, these secondary regs aren't really made for precision work so there's no guarantee on performance.


There's not really a need for a dual reg setup if you're running a decent primary reg.

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