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WTTF: ICS M4 with Split V2 Gearbox

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First off, I'd like to point out that I can only deal locally in trades for the guns because I have no proper boxes or funds to ship them out.

As for the gearboxes and parts, I can ship them in a trade because they are smaller, so I can find plenty of boxes to ship them out in and it won't be too expensive. I'm located in the Inland Empire area in SoCal.

Alright, so as the title states, I'm looking to trade for an ICS M4 with a split V2 gearbox. Then reason I'm looking for an ICS M4 with the split GB is because I'm not great with working a gearbox, but I always have to have a buddy change the spring for field to CQB. I don't like always asking him, so I just want to get the split gearbox so that I can just change it around myself.

I'll also be interested in other guns from other brands that take M4/M16 mags as long as they are for CQB and shoot around 320-350 FPS with .20 grams. Maybe an MK18, ACR/Masada, Scar, etc. I'd prefer it to be lipo-ready since I only use 11.1v lipos, but it's not required.

I'll consider other guns if they come with extra mags., and they must also meet the above criteria. Everything must be fully functioning, I don't want any fixer-uppers. PM me with what you have and send me a pic along with the specs and everything it comes with.

Please don't send me a request to buy your gun, I don't have any money to spare, so I'm looking for trades only.
Thank you.

Here's what I have:

- Slightly upgraded Classic Army P90
- Fully-upgraded JG MP5
- Stock Cybergun F1 Famas
- New CO2 NBB 1911
- 4x V2 gearboxes (2x JG, G&G, CA)
- CA high-torque motor
- Echo 1 high-torque motor
- Matrix 556 M4 retractable stock




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Bump it bump it bump it LOUDER!


If anyone wants to buy any of the items instead of trading then I will gladly sell them, I need money for Christmas.


The complete JG gearbox off the market.

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