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Tons of Externals and Optics YOU NEED!

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Hi AirsoftForum! This thread is for all of the externals and miscellaneous item I am stocking. This is a revision on the last sales thread, as several trademarked logos had to be blurred out for legal purposes. When you see a item that says “with trademarks”, know that it actually does have trademarks, and you can PM me to see them! Products are organized by brand name, and then by parts within the brand. Because of the massive amount of products, I suggest using Ctrl + f to find an item if you are having trouble.

To order, please email me at major9labs<AT>gmail.com, or PM me on here or AirsoftForum


First some rules (by purchasing from me, you acknowledge you have read these rules):

- Absolutely NO returns/refunds unless substantial proof can be given.

- All items are shipped via USPS, either priority or first class.

- Price do NOT include shipping, but shipping is a low flat rate within the US for most orders.


Lets Begin!


Authentic Magpul PTS (NOT ACM):


Magpul PTS MOE Pistol Grip in Black - $18



Magpul PTS MOE Pistol Grip in FDE - $18



Magpul PTS MOE Handguard in Black - $18



Magpul PTS MOE Handguard in FDE - $18



Magpul PTS MOE Handguard Rails - $10



Magpul PTS MOE Stock in Black - $30

width=650 height=650http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee442/major9airsoft/2.jpg[/img]


Magpul PTS MOE Stock in FDE - $30



Magwell Grips:


Black FAB Styled MWG with trades - $15



FDE FAB Styled MWG with trades - $15



Black STRAC Styled MWG with trades - $15



FDE STRAC Styled MWG with trades - $15



Rails Systems:


Noveske Styled 7” Rail System with trades - $40



Noveske Styled 12” Rail System with trades - $47

*No Picture yet…I’m working on it*


LaRue Styled 7” Rail System with trades - $38



LaRua Styled 9” Rail System with trades - $40



7” Slotted Rail - $22



(Non-Magpul) Stocks:


FDE MOD Stock with trades - $26



Dboys Black Mod Stock - $35


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Continuation on Externals:


Optics and Sights:


3x Magnifier with Flip-To-Side Mount - $48



Mini DR with Auto Dot with trades- $46



Mini DR with Manual Dot with trades - $34



ACOG KillFlash - $14



VLTOR styled Front Block Sight with trades - $20



Rapid Deployment Sights - $40



Steel 416 Sight - $20





Element M300 - $40



Element M600 - $42



Element M961 with trades - $55



Element M951 with trades- $50



And last but not least:


Xcortech 3200 Chronograph - $75



To purchase, email me at major9labs<AT>gmail.com (preferred) or PM me here or on ASF.



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Didn't receive your pm, mind sending it again?


The "its my birthday, lets make it a good one" BUMP!



Free bump for my favorite seller.


Always quality products, fast shipping, and reliable advice. Buy from him if he's got something you need! Or even if you don't need it!



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