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Custom Kjw 700p stock

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Hey forum peoples, I found this old KJW 700 stock that I had laying around in my pile of airsoft parts and thought id might take a whack at shaping it in to something nice for my upcoming rifle project.

Im trying to represent a McMillian A5 stock (thanks to BuyMyStuff for the insperation to try it)


So I picked up a sharpie and some cardboard and made a cutout for the stock. Picked up some bondo and a few wood rasps, but then realized its Christmas Eve soo kinda putting it off till after x-mas, so stay tuned.


Here is the stock





And the stock next to the cutout





Ill start with the filing and then add the bondo, and ill be keeping you updated with pics as well.

Wish me luck,

Merry Christmas


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YES!!! I'm actually excited that your doing this. It should turn out great! I just recently acquired a kjw m700 in a tanaka m40a1 stock. WHAT DO TO NEXT...

Anyways, you can check out my channel youtube.com/fatsoftair

I made an update video on my mcmillan rifle, I painted it tan, and shortened down the barrel.

Anyways, good luck, if you need help, im here!

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Alright, I got some of the thumb groove cut down to shape and started to flatten out one side of the grip.

The thumb groove will need some more shaving down on the top front side of it but other than that and the grip thinning, there is cutting the length and then straight to the bondo :a-grin:


<AT> buymystuff

Thanks for your encouragement about my project.

I've always like those tanaka m40a1 stocks, I like its compact sleekyness.

Anyways, It was really interesting how I got your idea for the stock, it was first that I was looking at starting a project rifle and having the g&g g96 as the base platform but, there was not that many good reviews on the rifle except for yours and a few others and then that led me to see your vid on your custom stock build.

Now I was already planing to make a stock for the new rifle as I despise the l96like stocks and then I decided to go with shaping my old stock into a A5like stock and I thank you for that idea. Now on to the pics of my progress.


Thumb groove





Thinned grip







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