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WTS 2 G36c's and 10 M4 Lowcaps

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Hello and welcome! It's been awhile since I've been active on the Forum but I'm back!

Let's start off with some rules shall we?
  1. I use paypal or money order ONLY! If I'm forced to pick between two potential buyers, the paypal user takes the cake.
  2. Buyer pays the shipping, however, if the rate is rediculous, I'm more than happy to help out.
  3. I'm not looking to trade, unless you have something really, really good. (or Dodge Challenger parts, like a 3.5L predator tuner!)
  4. If trading, other person ships first, UNLESS they have a great trader rating.

Lets start off with the G36's. I have two different G36's for sale.
The one with the VFG and Suppressor is a SRC Gen 2 G36c and the other is an Echo 1 G36c.
Both guns have around 1k rounds through them.
There is nothing wrong with them other than the hop up needing a little tuning (or maybe just needs to be broke in? I barely shot the things!)
Cosmetically, both of them are about 95%, but only from storing them, I've fielded each one 1x (in a small backyard battle.)
One issue I noticed out of the box is on the SRC, when the stock is folded, the retaining pin likes to fall out, this is an easy fix if you don't mind using tape, or whatever your heart desires. I personally never folded the stock in battle.
Each gun comes with 2 high cap magazines.

Both guns are in like new condition and barely shot.

The Silencer and VFG are NOT included UNLESS you buy them both.

SRC G36c- $150
Echo 1 G36c- $140
BUT WAIT! If you buy them together I will throw in the VFG and Suppressor! And I'll drop the combined price to $260

Also for sale are 10 Echo 1 plastic low cap magazines. They hold 30 rounds.
I have never used these magazines, they were an impulse buy.
Im selling these as a bundle and not parting out- $20 + shipping

I will however, trade these for a REAL Magpul VFG!

If interested, please post and PM.



I apologize about the pictures (below) not being rotated, I blame Photobucket.



Thanks for looking! ALL questions welcomed!
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Ok Ive been getting PM's about the mag capacity, it is 30 rounds. I will Edit the post accordingly.

Also, I was lowballed earlier, guys it's kind of Rude to lowball people that low.

Please be courteous, I'm willing to change the price if neccessary, but don't offer me $100.

On a side note, the combined price has been lowered. Thanks!


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Mags are back up for sale. People say they wanna buy them then quit responding.

Also, The echo 1 is no longer for sale so heres the deal.

The SRC Is now $130 plus shipping with a metal flash hider, a vfg, and 1 rail on the forend. It also comes with 2 high caps.

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