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TerminusX Parts Are Here!

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They have arrived!


I am now carrying parts from TerminusX! If you aren't familiar with the name, allow me to brief you:


TerminusX is based out of the Philippines, and produces custom top of the line products. He just recently began producing parts for the General public, and having handled several of them, there is truely nothing that can even compare. Going from ACM/SHS/Lonex to these are like day and night!


I only have pinions to start out unfortunately, however once I sell 25, I will carry motors as well.


TerminusX Pinion Features:

- Extremely tough Chromium Molybdenum Steel, like that used in the invincible RiotSC gears.

- Nickel Boron Coating. It is applied in a very thin layer, however is extremely strong. This compound is often used in real steel applications due to its extreme toughness and self lubricating properties.

- Both O and D types are available!


They are available for $13 shipped anywhere in the Continental US.







And finally, a knife shot just as HS5 would like:



Email me at major9labs<AT>gmail.com (preferred), or PM me.


I offer wholesale on these! I am the only one in the US who can get these direct!



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I am taking preorders for TerminusX motors... Its $50 upfront, and $30 when the motor comes in. That means a discount for you (newest gen motors are going to be $90 or more) and I am throwing in a new pinion.


PLEASE email me at major9labs<AT>gmail.com rather than a PM. Forum messaging on a tablet is just horrible...

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