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My McMillan A5 Stock

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Please don't see this as an attempt to sell something outside of the buy sell area of this forum, but just hear me out. And if anyone is interested, just reply, because I really feel like people will be interested.


Hey guys, today, I am selling my handmade attempt at a McMillan A5 stock, carved from a piece of elmwood, which is resistant to splitting due to it's unforgiving grain.

The Stock itself isn't perfect, since most handmade things aren't, but it's an impressive piece if you ask me, maybe not as impressive as some of Dobey's work though.

I am selling it as a conversion kit. It was originally for the receiver of my G&G G96. I am including the insert piece that accepts the receiver, allowing any KJW or Tanaka receiver to be a drop in fit.

I am also including 1 G&G G96 Magazine. This is a standard, non-tapped magazine(most of my gas mags are tapped for HPA). I am also obviously including the screws needed. The ONE thing that I am not very proud of on this stock is the trigger guard. It is from a chopped up JG Bar-10 trigger guard, mounted on via a small phillips head screw. It's not the best thing, but aesthetically, it looks decent.

Considering this stock took over 2 weeks, averaging around 2 hours a day, I am going to sell this whole package, which includes everything seen(Stock, bipod, magazine, trigger guard, mounting screws, swivel studs, cheek rest,)

PRICE: 240 plus shipping







Picture with a receiver installed:


on the right:


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The Real steal Mcmillan a5 goes anywhere from nearly 500 to more. I sold this stock as a conversion kit with the mag and everything else for 240 + shipping. BTW, the stock is sold pending funds as of now. I don't plan on making any more stocks until I can get a wood duplicator so that I can make more than one stock without back breaking work.

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