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Echo ! G36C Mis-Feeding

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I posted something in the ''magazine'' section but found out this problem is with both mags.


In semi it shoot pretty good except sometimes a BB only goes a very short distance or curves to the left dramatically. In full auto it shoots the first one out good them it skips shots, shoot two BBs at a time and they only go mayby 50' or 60'.


I seems it was shooting just fine until I bought a new magazine for it and used it, now it does this. The other day I was using this new mag and it was shooting on full auto pretty good, then the battery died (8.4v) and so I put in a 9.6, could the 9.6 be the culprit?

I charged the 8.4 and put it back in and it still does that.


Could the 9.6 have messed something up?


I'd like to try to fix it myself to save money and I sure don't have enough money to buy a new one.


I am open to any ideas or suggestions.



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It's working now, took it to a store and one of the guys checked it out, he shot it first then took to the workbench and went out back again and when he came back he said it was shooting just fine.

He said the bucking was bone dry so he sprayed it with silicone.


That said, I still don't like the mag I bought, it just doesn't seem to feed the BBs up the tube sometimes when it's first wound and then after shooting it some it unwinds fast. It's works thought, just not as good as the original.


Thanks for the suggestions guys,

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