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WTS: 4X ACOG with Doctor sight, other random parts!

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Hey all, its time for me to shuffle on down the road, decided to keep my GBB but time to get rid of everything else.


First, here are a couple of rules


1) Prices do not include shipping unless specified.

2) What you see is what you get. Don't come crying to me about 'Oh this isn't what I expected.' I describe everything as best I can, and will provide additional pictures on request. You've been warned.

3) Only accepted PARTIAL trades: 3A Toys (WWR/p line only) or JG Scorpion. AK-47 parts (Real Wood kits, metal bodies) or mostly complete boneyard AK's. EOtech 551 or other short holo sight

4) Paypal only, First come first served.

5) I check the thread, but Private Message is the way to contact me.

6) Don't get your panties in a twist.

7) And last but not least, free bumps are appreciated, and don't threadcrap!


First off, my 4X ACOG+ DOCTOR sight!




This set is neat, because the kit includes everything you would need to mount the ACOG and doctor as separate optics, as well as the mounts for normal and dovetail rail setups

looking for $125 shipped for this brand-new, mounted once, never fielded, never even zeroed optic!


Obligatory parts pile! Make offers on multiple items, take em off my hands PLEASE! Top left-> bottom right



1: Plastic AK body, pretty sure JG. $10

2: Unknown motor: $5

3: AK Selector: $2

4: Real Steel bipod from a gunshow. Mounts by clamping on the barrel: $15

5: AK front sight, beat to all hell but might be useful for something: $4

6: Standard length AK outer barrel: $5

7: M4 Mock bolt: $3

8: Weird velcro thing, feels like some kind of tactical gear but couldn't tell you what it is for: $5?

9: Combat Machine carry handle, abs, feels pretty sturdy like all G&G. $12

10: Misc AK parts: Front sling mount, plastic magazine lip (lets the mag sit tight), front grip mount, and a busted bolt assembly $make offer

11: Combat Machine M4 front kit. Includes everything but gas tube which keeps the handguards oriented (can be replaced with any tubular piece that fits in the gas-tube holes really) good condition, comes with HOP UP AND INNER BARREL: $25

12: Pretty sure this is an AK length inner barrel, not sure of origin or anything: $5

13: AK midcap. Tokyo I believe, not sure if it feeds or not: $20

14: Combat Machine retractable stock, good condition, all mounting hardware included: $15

15: APS Iphone 3 case. Whatever, free if you want it, just pay shipping

16: Noveske RIS and Soundhog (from T-Tiger) Never mounted, never used, unwrapped for picture and that is it. $60 for both, $45 for RIS and $15 for hog. (want to have deals on both before parting) Perfect for that sick Noveske project you've always wanted to do but never started.

17: Three stock sling/spacers. $5 each or all three for $12

18: KAC PDW style flip up front sight. Pretty nice piece, in good condition: $15

19: 416 style shorty M4 stock. Never mounted, in good condition: $25

20: Random M4 Metal body. pretty scratched up, but I like it. No idea what brand or what it fits, has no trademarks save for the trigger grouping. Has a flip-open dust cover/charging handle system. Nice starting place for an M4 project. We'll say $45

21: M4 motor grip. Comes with heat sink plate and a few crappy screws, 2 of which might be salvageable. $7?


Or take it all for $50+shipping!


Thanks for looking everyone, PM me!

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You can not ask for paypal as a gift as per forum rules and can not ask the buyer to pay fees as per paypal policy. I have edited your thread to reflect this.

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