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Charles H


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Hello there classy people.


I went through this forum and a lot of others and my question doesn't have an answer. If this question has been asked before, please be kind enough not to insult me saying it's everywhere, provide with a link or just answer it. Thank you :)


Now for the questions:


I have a JAC Uzi, and I don't understand how to connect the rig to the back nipple. I believe it is different than any other classic connector. If you have a JAC Uzi, please tell me how you connected it to the back. It obviously does not fit a regular hose.


What PSI should I run it on? My guess is 80 but you guys can correct me.


Should I use CO2 or compressed air?


Thank you very much for those of you that will answer cause I've had my Uzi for 2 years and never shot it.

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Ill answer this for future users looking at this.


Typically you have a 6mm hose coming from the back of the gun, I would need a picture to help you resolve that problem.


A safe pressure is between 70-80, 80 should be completely fine. I ran mine at 75 with great results.


C02 will yield better results in my opinion. Its a bit more powerful, but you can use HPA with it fine too.

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