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Brand new VFC SCAR, Pistol M4, CA G36C, Broken JG SIG 552, and M4 drum mag

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-PayPal only

-Trades are accepted, not really looking for gas guns though.

-I'm open to all reasonable offers.


This is a brand new BNIB VFC SCAR-L black. I bought this gun a couple weeks ago, and have decided to sell it. I've only taken it out of the box and dry fired it. These go for $380. I'm asking $350 shipped. Looking for a quick sale a so feel free to make an offer.




Non working JG SIG 552 (w/o front pin) Not much to say about gun. It cycles fine, but IIRC it has feeding problems. I don't have a mag to test it with so it might work fine. $60 shipped.




Custom build stubby M4

This gun is shooting 330FPS. It's mainly a CQB gun. The ROF isn't the greatest with the AIM motor, so if you want high ROF the motor will need replacing. It comes with a hi-cap mag.

Here is a list of the parts breakdown:

JG plastic lower receiver

AIM plastic upper (the colors match)

AIM front end (one piece outer barrel)

Madbull patriot kit stock (see picture)

JG black gearbox (Metal spring guide, and bushings)

AIM motor

AIM barrel and plastic hop up unit

All the AIM parts were taken off of this gun.



I'm asking $120 shipped.





This G36C is almost completely a CA. The magwell, stock and top rail are JG. The internals are all CA. The front end has been epoxied (see pics-you can't even tell), and if you want I can put a JG one on there instead.

Internally it is almost new. The old gearbox was used for parts, and a new CA one was installed so it has very few rounds through it.

I also have an m4 magwell converter I can include.

I'm asking $155 shipped.





JG Full Metal M4. This gun has never been used in a game, and has around 500 to 1k rounds though it. I took the Mosfet out, as it never worked. Externally it feels good and has a one piece outer barrel. It has metal bearing bushings, and a metal spring guide. It also has a bearing piston head, and a metal tooth piston. FPS is a little low at 310, would be a good gun for CQB. Comes with JG high cap magazine. $165 shipped.




Lastly, I have a Hero Arms/Cheetah electric winding drum mag. I've had this a long time and never use it. When I first got it, the feed nozzle was broken. I fixed it, but it did a little damage to it (works perfectly though). I have included a picture of the nozzle so you can see for yourself. It fits in most guns fine. The only guns I have found that it doesn't fit in are ones with metal bodies, and small magwells. $40 shipped.




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