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M4 Externals/ Gear/ TM Hicapa

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1) Read them....

2) Paypal only

3) Shipping is USPS and only to the US

4) Insurance is not included.

4a) You must pay for insurance if you want it...

4b) If you think this is unreasonable I cannot control what USPS, UPS, and Fedex do too their packages and unless insurance is purchased I have too assume that it was broken in transit or by the new owner. All guns/ items are tested or checked for imperfections before they are listed. Due to the nature of this sport I have begun taking video of the rifle or item before I send it for reference...

5) Trades are accepted for items listed in the trade section. Do not offer me something in trade for an item listed in the non-trade section.

6) No thread crapping

7) I think I have killer prices and I can take more pictures, explain conditions, and answer most questions, just ask.

8) Everything is OBO so offer up. That doesn't mean lowball the hell outta me though.

9) If you are hoping too trade me for and item you must be willing too ship first. I have been burned before and it will not happen again.

10) If you are dissatisfied with something please please contact me and I will do my best too fix the problem right away. Patience and understanding is the best way too get anything done when it comes too things like this.



TM Hicapa




The gun is in great condition. I somehow lost the front sight post and sometimes the slide won't lock back, otherwise much of the wear is cosmetic from being safely hosltered. Comes with 5 non-leaky mags.


Asking: $165


ICS M16 Part-out





ICS complete lower w/pistol grip and motor: $50 (Freshly rewired w/ SHS trigger)

ICS Upper Receiver w/ SR25 rear sight: $25 (Seen its fair share of fight)

ICS Complete M16 Front End: $30 (Handgards wobble a little but nothing serious)

ICS M16 Solid Stock: $5 with purchase of the lower, $10 otherwise

JBU 509mm 6.03mm Tightbore: $15 w/ purchase of the front end, $20 otherwise


Asking $110 for it all



Madbull Gemtech Halo (BLK)



Asking: $45


Spartan Doctrine 100mm 14mm +/-



Asking: $10 (Was dropped and is slightly bulged out on one side)


G&P M4 Receiver Set




Asking: SOLD!!!!!



JG M4 outer barrel w/ barrel nut & front sight: $15


Mad bull 10.5" barrel with G&P barrel nut: $25

ICS stubby barrel: $7

Unknown barrel nut: $5



AABB 1911 carbine conversion kit in tan: $40



Condor Belt Kit



Condor Drop Leg Molle Platform w/ Double M4 mag pouch: $25

Condor Multicam Pistol Holster: $20

Condor CB Dump Pouch: $25 (small ole in the bottom, about half the width of my pinky finger)

Condor CB Belt: $7



Condor universal, adjustable holster. -$23


Asking: $55




Top to Bottom:

KM 6.03 550mm Tbb. Solid barrel made of heavy duty aluminum. Extremely accurate when stabilized. -$45

Mad bull 363mm 6.03. Great barrel, seen only about 2000 rounds. $23

Bravo 300mm 6.03. Another great barrel, just doesn't really like my neo strike chamber... -$25




G&G/CA m14 high caps. All feed great and are in very good condition. -$15 each

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