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Cleaning out sale

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Selling my pantac plate carrier in ACU I'd like to see $50 for it $60 shipped. will come with some SDS pouches

PASGT helmet with velcro, nice padding and suspension (no patches or goggles included)

Madbull 509 6.03 tightbore(s)PM me about these

VFC gearbox shell w/ bushings, selector plate, cut off lever, trigger, cylinder. $20 shipped

Aim 9mm gearbox shell offer

ICS Stock M4 barrel offer

TM V3 gearbox shell w/ bushings dual o ring cylinder head, cylinder cut off lever sig 552 selector plate, sig 552 o ring air nozzle $20 shipped


9mm bearings (brand new), selector plates, pistol grips etc offer.


some are new, some are old, I don't have everything with me ATM so I cant take pictures of whats not with me.






Trades: Eotech 553 replicas, KAC replica iron sights, battery stocks (crane/ sopmod preffered) 285mm rightbore barrel. safariland (replica) or serpa for 1911 w/ rail.

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I just tried sending a pm, and it says you do not want to be contacted by the board messenger?


I see you have a trigger switch sitting in the picture. Is that for a sig552? If not, do you have a trigger switch for a SIG 552 that you would sell? No one sells replacements, and that is my reason for asking.




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^PM'd ya


Lets bump this up shall we?


and to the comment below, what in the world are you talking about?? I'm confused I only bumped this thread once today and I posted it yesterday... soo confused..



6) Thread Bumping: Is allowed once per day beginning that day after you post the original message. If you are caught excessively bumping, we will warn you the first couple of times. After that, your thread faces being locked or deleted and your posting rights restricted. Please note when bumping your posts the moderator team (and other users I'm sure) would prefer you to add an additional piece of information, or comment on something someone has said rather than just typing "bump". Doing this will still have the same effect, however it will contribute more to the forum.


6b) Additional Bumping Notes: Bumping includes updates to the advertisement and answering questions. Do not double-post in the same day with updates or bumps, edit the first one. Time your bump appropriately. One bump per day translates to one bump per 24 hours. An early bump up to 1.5 hours before the 24 hour time span has passed is allowed, but please do not exceed this. Please make use of the Edit button or PM the member if you wish to answer their question.

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Sorry for the delays with shipping everybody, I've been without internet for about 2 weeks and have been unable to access paypal or ASF to get your shipping info, for those who have purchased something, I have just shipped out your orders, and will be issuing a 50% refund for your troubles. I truly apologize for the delays.


at this time I am also suspending this sale until everything is dealt with, as I've got enough on my plate at this time, if there is something you must have, please PM me, but I really would rather not sell anything at this time.



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