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michael steil

cleaning up sale!

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-paypal or in person cash is the only form of payment I accept, to protect both of us

-shipping is not included unless otherwise stated and I will ship the cheapest way unless the buyer wants otherwise and pays for it

-OBO is in effect but prices are pretty firm, do not lowball

-no shipping outside U.S. (too much of a hassle)

-in the event of a trade you ship first, no exceptions and any trade will have cash added on your end as I need cash

- no threadcrapping!

-I love free bumps!

-pm me for more pics and details of items

-all sales final, everything is shipped AS-IS and is shipped as described by me! ask many questions about things before buying and I will do my best to answer them!

-CASH IS KING! but trades may be accepted pm me with what you have


trades list:

any kwa mp9 or mp7 accessories

eotech 551/552

kwa mp7 low power bolt

kwa mp9 low power bolt

kwa m93r mags

kwa mp7 mags


g&g m14 socom




I bought this just a few months ago from another member on here, sirglockimus, and it is a great gun and I just finished upgrading it and I really should have ever started the project. I do not go to field games anymore. I have used it only in one game and that was before I had upgraded it at all. there is alot a few things in there but it is all high quality stuff! it is shooting at around 405fps with a .2g bb rps is unknown but I have a 10.8 battery I just bought in there for great trigger response. this started life as a standard length m14 but was converted and has a ras on it which I love! the stock I believe was painted a brown color but I painted over it with black again because it was starting to show. I am not too sure I want to sell this as I want to play more field but I probably will not and I will only sell it if I get around what I am asking for it because it has alot of stuff on it and many mags! here is a price breakdown of everything priced new mainly from airsoftgi.com


Stock gun and high cap mag: $255



4 g&g 80rd mids <AT> $28 each= $112

1 ca highcap $25

2 ca 180rd mids $30 each= $60

KAC Ras $90

Socom outer barrel G.I. Says $195 but I didn't pay that I'll say about $90

Magpuls 4<AT> $4= $16


Now internals

Systema high torque gears $90

Systema high torque magnum short motor $95

Bearing spring guide$15

There's a 120 spring$10

I think Everything else is stock

wired to deans= $5

10.8v barrery wired to deans= $30

Total is about $895

If you want the whole package I'll be asking $500 + shipping OBO (willing to budge a little but not lowballs!!!)


ka grenade launcher and 5 shells and 2 pouches



I have a basically bnib ka grenade launcher combo with 5 shells and 2 tan condor pouches. it comes with 2 madbull 48 round shells, 2 ca 120 round shells and one pro arms 48 round shell and the 2 pouches this is all worth about $320 I am asking $200 for everything


aimpoint t-1 clone



I got this in a trade and never tested it as I do not have a battery but it looks pretty new so I am asking $45


nc star red dot sight



does not work on the red or green on the second brightness setting but the first and third work not sure why the second doesnt work but I am asking $35


special forces kwa mp7 suppressor



got this with my kwa mp7 and do not like it too much it did not come with the foam but these retail for $60 I am asking $40 for it


g&p m4 mags and buffer tube battery



I have 4 g&p 130 round metal midcaps they are basically new and I have only used them once I just have too many I would like $15 for each of them

I have an 11.1 1200 mah 15 c buffer tube lipo $25


m14 parts



-g&g front end, painted a tan camo (not by me) can be painted black for $5 more but everything is there- $40

-g&g full length inner barrel and metal hop up- $25

buy the front end and inner barrel together for $55

-g&p m14 heatshield and front rail, will not fit CA or g&g it should fit tm and clones $25

-g&g m14 scope mount screws on to the side of g&g's $15


misc parts



hfc? nbb 1911 kinda cheap but works $10

11.1 cranestock lipo $25

8.4 large type battery $15

g&g high torque motor $20

g&p metal hop up $20

kac vert grip $15

flip up front sight post $10

ca ak74 pistol grip $5

unknown gearbox shell $5


woodland camo set



here I have some woodland BDU's yes the pants are slightly darker than the jacket but they are both in good condition the pants have a little paint on the right side pocket from playing at a paintball field but the jacket size is Large Regular and the pants seem to have lost their size tag but the washing instructions one is there and the pants are Propper, but they do not fit my waist and I am a 34Wx30L they fit me length wise but I can not button them but they did fit me when I was a 32W $35 for the set $20 each if sold seperate




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Bump!! The 2 ca m14 mids were parted out making the new price of the m14 package $450


Sold list:


Aimpoint T-1

G&g m14 scope mount

2 ca 180 round mids

Mp7 suppressor

Ak74 grip


Make offers on the rest! I know people wanna trade for the m14 I will only take partial trades and you must include cash I'm looking for gbb pistols

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Guest Whorify

I got a real EOtech 552 if your interested.


do you still have the T-1? or any M4 upper receivers?

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