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The "Which Gun" Section

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We have added a new section!


This area is for all the infamous "Which gun?" questions that used to not be allowed. While we highly encourage you to do research first, it is not required in this section.


Here are some basic rules for this section:

1. Flaming of ANY type will not be tolerated. This section was created specifically to funnel "which gun" questions away from the other forums. If you are irritated by this sort of question, DO NOT post here. Flaming in this section will be punished harshly.


2. Because we now have a section dedicated to "which gun" questions, they will not be tolerated as usual, in any other section of this forum. You will get 1 verbal warning, and your thread will be moved here. The second time you post a "which gun" question outside of this forum, you will receive a Warning.


3. This forum is all inclusive. AEGs, GBB, Sniper rifles, low end springers, they all belong here.


4. If you have questions about specific guns, please continue to post them in their proper section, be it AEG, GBB, Sniper Rifle, or Spring/LPEG.

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