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A Few Odds and Ends I need to Get Rid off.

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Hi guys,


First, a few rules, PLEASE READ:

1. PLEASE Do not post in this thread. All questions, comments, and concerns please send via PM or email.

2. No Returns/Refunds

3. I ship USPS first class unless otherwise stated. Items over $100 get tracking and insurance. Anything over, you must pay.


Now, for the good part:

I have a few R-hop patches that have never been touched just sitting around. Customers would always order a pack of 3, and let me keep the rest...so I have a few of both regular and extended sitting around.


Lets do $6 shipped for 3 regular patches, and $8 for 3 extended.


I was to lazy to take a picture because well....they are R-hop patches. Everyone knows what they look like.



King Arms 7mm Gearbox with ball bearings (and one bushing), screws, tappet plate, trigger assembly, and cut-off lever.



Asking $15 shipped.


PLEASE email at major9labs<AT>gmail.com rather than PM, though I will do my best to respond to both.


PLEASE do not post in this thread.




PS: I'll throw in some free goodies throughout!


Follow me on google+ guys!

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