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I can't believe im doing this

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The time has come to sell my primary, I don't play enough to justify keeping this beauty and I wont be playing for a while now. Here is the list of what im selling.

My pride and joy, a classic army sr25. It has a long history or going up to 500 fps, breaking due to a defect piston, repairs, and is now at a comfortable 320 with .25's. It fires great but it needs some work. The semi auto needs a long pull on the trigger. I have been told that the selector switch needs to be lubed, but im not going to try to fix it. I don't have the time now that golf season has started. It has the classic army super torque up gears in it, an amp hi torque motor, madbull 650 mm 6.03 tightbore, stock everything else. I can include 2-3 highcaps that feed flawlessly, 2 mid caps that don't feed well(1 in every 4-5 shots), bipod, magpul afg, matrix 4200 mah battery, custom made sling for the gun(made by yours truly), a utg tri rail scope riser, and a utg golden image scope. All together im looking for around 500 plus shipping.

here is the price breakdown of everything im including at a new price.


CA25- 399

2 high caps-50 (25x2)

2 mid caps- 50(25x2 or 45 a piece where they are in stock)

Torque up gears- 75

Motor-35 tightbore- 35



AFG- 25





Please pm me with questions, concerns, or issues. No trades at this time unless its really unique. Thanks for looking. pics will be up once I get back from Kentucky on Monday

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