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Which Sniper Rifle to get with $500 budget?

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Hi you guys :)


I am going to try out the Airsoft Sniper role, and want to get me some gear.


Here is my criterias:


- Precise at LONG distances (going to use 0.43g BB's)

- Want about 500 feet or more pr sec

- Spring, not electric

- It's not a problem to buy a rifle with lower criterias but then I need to know which upgrades to get



Budget $500



Any suggestions? :)


PS: If the gun is physically VERY big, I would be very happy :) Want it big, precise and powerful :D

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Airsoft Sniper role rifles are single shot, bolt action, sniper rifles that get very high FPS and very good accuracy. They always incorporate a longer barrel and very powerful spring...!



This will help you to take your decision...You will get many guns available here in your budget...!

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They don’t always need a longer barrel. The tm G-spec uses a shorter barrel then most guns, and considered to be very accurate as a stock gun. The hopup compression consistence effect the accuracy more then barrel length


Also before you get a airsoft sniper, you need to under stand the role, and see if its really want you want. You have one shot usually to hit someone. if your a good shot then your ok, but most field have a 100-150ft limit for guns over certain Fps. meaning you’ll have to be a good shot not just at 50 feet but at 100-200 to be effective. Also its not like being a sniper in a video game or things like that, the BBs do not go really far, and if anything is in your way the bb (unless .35g or higher) usually gets deflected. Another problem with airsoft snipers is people calling hits. Its not because the person is being an :censored2:. (Usually) its the just don’t feel the bb. EX I was hit by a sniper shot and didn’t even feel it. Only reason I knew I was hit was my squad mate pointed it out.

Also a sniper rifle can be a very pricy gun over time. Initially it may cost you 300-400, but by the end of it you may spend 600-800 in upgrades tuning it etc.

Just some food for thought.


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