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M4 constantly jamming.....

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Well, I've got a M4, running a M130 with a KWA motor. I can pull the trigger with an 8.4V "hey I lost my 9.6....." and it will cycle perfectly on full auto or semi, but, as soon as I let go of the trigger, the piston will jam, and if I pull the trigger again, nothing will happen. There was a smoke like smell when I was firing it, which is why I've stopped, but I'm not sure if the motor height is wrong, or the ARL or piston teeth. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Having an M130, stock motor and an 8.4v battery will put tons of stress on the motor.

And this might where the burn smell coming from. Use a higher voltage battery.


And check also if your shimming is appropriate for this also put stress on motor if too tight.

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Need more info on your battery. If it's 8.4v 3000mAh+ then something is wrong. If it's >2000mAh and/or intellect, then you probably need a better battery.


Is the smoke coming from the motor or battery?

Thankfully there was no smoke, just the smell, I removed the motor thinking I maybe had the polarities reversed, and both the motor and battery were hot. The battery is under 2000mAH, guess I need to buy a new one.....

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